Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Teaser Tuesdays - Nexus Uprising

There really was a lot of work to do. The mission depended on them, now.
And only them.

(Page 127, Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough and K.C. Alexander)

Friday, 21 April 2017

Dandelions - Early Book Review

Dandelions: An Ash & Ruin Companion Novel
by Shauna Granger

What is it about:
At fifteen years old, Gwen’s world has ended. Not because she’s gone through a break-up. Not because her parents are ruining her life with a lame curfew. Not because her grades are struggling. Not in the way a fifteen-year-old’s life usually ends.

At fifteen years old, Gwen has burned the dead bodies of both her parents and fortified her home against the plague-spreading monsters who killed them, waiting for her sister, Maggie, to make her way back home in the apocalyptic landscape that is the world now.

At fifteen years old, Gwen’s world has ended, but she’s not giving up. She’s not giving up on life, her home, or her sister. Because all you have left when the world ends is hope, so that’s what she’s got, a BB gun and hope.

Hopefully it’ll be enough.

What did I think of it:
I love Granger's Ash & Ruin trilogy with a passion! So much so that I even ordered a t-shirt of the series at Redbubble.

So I was over the moon when I got an early copy of Dandelions which is a Companion novel to the trilogy.

And this book is so good!

I love post apocalyptic fiction and this book gave me everything I love about the genre: people trying to survive in a world gone bad, evil critters, devastation, human nature at its best and worst, etc...

Gwen is a great heroine. She's on her own, trying her best to survive and to keep hope that things will get better. She's smart and resourceful, but when others show up, she has some important choices to make. What is the right thing to do? And is the right thing the smart thing to do?

I love the setting, which is basically the deserted neighborhood Gwen lives in, but Granger manages to make the most of it, using both setting and atmosphere to drag you into this suspenseful and emotional story about survival and hope.

I was hooked form the start and had to read on to learn more about Gwen, her choices, and the people who invade her territory.

All in all this is a wonderful and awesome post apocalyptic story and I can only hope Granger will write more books set in this world.

You bet I'll be stalking bookdepository so I can get my grabby trotters on the print version as soon as it releases.

Why should you read it:
It's an awesome post apocalyptic YA read.

Expected release date: April 25, 2017

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

On McPig's Wishlist - The Shift of the Tide

I love Jeffe's books, so I'm eagerly awaiting the next book in her Uncharted Realms series, but even if that was not the case this cover is too gorgeous to resist.

The Shift of the Tide (Uncharted Realms #3)
by Jeffe Kennedy

Free from the hand of a tyrant, the Twelve Kingdoms have thrown all that touch them into chaos. New allies appear--and enemies encroach--from all sides. To survive, they must adapt to this new reality without a moment of doubt...

Growing up in a country where magic was common as dust, Zynda never had to worry about her enchantments upsetting the balance of nature. But the land beyond the borders of the thirteenth kingdom calls to her. It may be foreign and ugly, but the strangeness is laced with an excitement she has never known. Outside her homeland, Zynda's shapeshifting and sorcery are a potent advantage to nations grasping for dominance--and the thrill of power lures her even as she recognizes the threat she poses to these magic-buffeted realms.

A ruthless enemy stalks them, promising destruction if she does not fight with all her strength--but if she upsets the equilibrium of the land, all will pay, the common people most of all. And a man of this outside world fascinates her, a mossback with no scrap of magic in him. He knows nothing of the fears and temptations pulling at her. But in his steady embrace she learns she must choose well--for the consequences may reach farther than she ever imagined…


Expected release date: August 15, 2017

pre-order links will be added to the website

And keep an eye out for The Shift of the Tide on Jeffe's Amazon Page as well:

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Charisma - Book Review

by Jeanne Ryan

What is it about:
A chance at the ultimate makeover means deadly consequences in this Sarah Dessen-meets-Robin Cook thriller

Aislyn suffers from crippling shyness—that is, until she’s offered a dose of Charisma, an underground gene therapy drug guaranteed to make her shine. The effects are instant. She’s charming, vivacious, and popular. But strangely, so are some other kids she knows. The media goes into a frenzy when the disease turns contagious, and then deadly, and the doctor who gave it to them disappears. Aislyn must find a way to stop it, before it's too late.

What did I think of it:
I very much enjoyed Nerve by Ryan, so decided to give Charisma a try as well.

And this is a nice read.

I didn't like it as much as Nerve, but it was entertaining. I did think the teens in this book were all very stupid, but that seems to be the case with more teens in YA.

There's teen angsting, love triangly troubles, risk taking, and more.

I will confess I didn't like Aislyn and the boys she surrounds herself with. It's probably the reason why I thought this story was just nice, and why I wasn't really invested in what was going on.

Still enjoyable enough to finish it, but if this was the first book by Ryan i read, I probably wouldn't have read more.

Why should you read it:
It's a nice YA read.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Teaser Tuesdays - Wytchcraft

It was raining the first night I met Owen. His hair was dark with rain and plastered to his head, water rushing off his jacket to make puddles around his boots as the door closed behind him, the bells jingling his arrival.

(Page 39, Wytchcraft by Shauna Granger)

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Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following: - Grab your current read - Open to a random page - Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!) - Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Orphans and Other Things

As you may have gathered from my post last week, I've been playing Mass Effect Andromeda these last weeks, and I'm seriously addicted.

Before I dashed off to explore new galaxies I did manage to read three orphans in March (pictured above). Which was much needed, because I totally skipped over all my orphaned books in the first two month of this year.

Now that I beat Mass Effect Andromeda (and did some extra playthroughs) I'm trying to return to my normal reading and reviewing schedule.

What to expect:

I'll be reviewing Mass Effect Andromeda soon, and I also ordered a Mass Effect novel, so I'll be reading and reviewing that as well of course.

I will also try to read another book by Kelsey Sutton , who'll be at the convention I'm visiting next month.

I also plan to read more by Kresley Cole, who was supposed to be at the convention as well, but cancelled because of health reasons, I recently learned. I might have to see if there are interesting books by other authors who are coming that I can try as well.

And there are still tons of books in my TBR pile that scream for attention, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What's McPig Up to?

I've been pretty occupied with my newest addiction:
Mass Effect Andromeda

I hope to be able to catch up on some reading soon.