Review Policy

Most books I review on my blog are bought by me.
Some books have been given to me by friends or won by me in giveaways.
I also received some books from the author for review.

All reviews are my honest opinion and this opinion is in no way influenced by how I got hold of the book.


I'm happy to be contacted by authors, publishers or publicists about reviewing books.

My Preferred Genres: Urban Fantasy, SciFi, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult and anything with zombies.

I accept ARCs or already published books in the following formats:
e-books: PDF or Epub.
Print: hardback or paperback.

Info I'd like to get when you request a review:
- Booktitle by Author
- Bookformat
- Genre
- A short description of the book or the blurb
- Link to Author website

Note: you don't have to send the book with your request!

My email address can be found in my profile.

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