Friday, 14 January 2011

Fallen Angel - Book Review

Fallen Angel by Margaret and Lizz Weis

What is it about:
Matthew Gallow is a fallen angel, cast out of heaven for daring to disbelieve. Furious, frustrated, and empty, he roams the earth, pretending to cast out demons and preserve souls. He doesn't have faith in anything—or anyone—until the night he nearly dies fighting a true fiend. His whole world is shaken. And when he meets Natalia, he isn't sure if he can trust her...or the attraction he feels for her.

Natalia works for Cain, a rocker living on the edge, and she invites Matthew to be a part of his wild stage show. It's perfect—an exorcism for a man who says he's sold his soul to the devil. Only Cain really is in league with Lucifer, and all mankind is at risk. Matthew never before cared whether or not the world went to hell. But as his passion for Natalia grows, he'll fight to the death to rescue her from evil's grasp...and realize that love is the one thing that can save a fallen angel.

What did I think of it:
I'm a roleplay geek and even have Margaret Weis' authograph, being a fan of her as she's co-author of the Dragonlance Saga. So I was surprised to see she had ventured into Paranormal Romance. Surprised and curious enough to pick up this book. And I wasn't disappointed. Margaret and Lizz write a convincing story. Matthew might be a fallen angel, he's likeable enough that you want him to get out on top of things. He can be a bit dense at times I must confess and there were times I wanted to kick him, but all in all he's a very cool and believable character. The story is well written and very entertaining, although the romance is a bit slow which might be a problem to those who pick this story up for the romance. There's at least one other book in this series and I will certainly pick that one up too if I run across it.

Why should you read it:
A Fallen Angel, Demons and Ghosts! What more do you want?

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