Thursday, 21 July 2011

In the Dead - Book Review

In the Dead: Volume 1 by Jesse Petersen

What is it about:
When the Zombie Apocalypse began in Seattle and spread within days to almost the entire western half the country, the survivors had to figure out how to deal with the plague and live one day at a time. These are their stories.

If you liked Jesse Petersen's zombie comedies Married With Zombies, Flip This Zombie and Eat Slay Love, these nine stories are set in the same world, but from the perspective of other survivors.

What did I think of it:
I have been doubting if I should start on the Living With The Dead series by Petersen, so when the chance to read and review this collection of short zombie stories by Petersen came along I jumped on the opportunity.

If Petersen's other books are anything like these short stories I've been a fool to hold off reading them!

These stories are fun, scary, touching, gross and have the proper ravenous kind of zombies. Some of the stories are perfect as they are: a short moment in time, telling you more than a complete novel could. Others are begging to be taken on a ride and shaped into a series. But each and every story in this collection is a gem which I'll be rereading often.

I really hope Petersen will write many more of these shorts and her Living With The Dead series just bumped its way to a leading position on my wishlist.

Why should you read it:
Who can resist 9 awesome zombie stories?!

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Demented Wench said...

Wow, this sounds like a fun read. :)

vvb32 reads said...

awesome. no need to ask if i'll be adding this to my zombie collection.

Sullivan McPig said...

I already ordered Married with Zombies to see if her novels are as good as her short stories.