Friday, 13 January 2012

The Disciple - Book Review

The Disciple by Jemma Chase

What is it about:
In the future vampires overrun the Earth, so a small cadre of vampire slayers are sent back to the pivotal moment when the vampire clans were contained to the European continent in hopes of destroying them in the past to save the future.

In the mid-24th century the vampire threat is so terrible that humanity is on the run and their numbers are dwindling. The only ones willing and able to fight the vampire plague are those in The Order.

In addition to creating specialized vampire-killing weapons, The Order has protected all the world’s leading scientists. They’re rewarded with the ultimate breakthrough: time travel. But there’s a catch -- if you return to your present time, your mind doesn’t come home with you.

Now a select team will be sent back to the Middle Ages, to stop the vampire threat before it can spread. They’re the best vampire slayers of their day and age, but once they go a thousand years into the past they’re strangers in a strange old land. Their perfect weapons aren’t working right, their numbers are too small, and the vampires seem to know who they are. It will take the ultimate leap of faith for the team to have a chance to complete their mission -- and survive.

What did I think of it:
A pleasant, but a bit static read.

This story is told by one of the members of the team that is send back in time and the way she describes everything feels detached. Even though lots of things happen in the story, the way it's told doesn't make you feel the action until somewhere at the end.

This way of storytelling made that I didn't really feel anything for the characters and wasn't invested in the story. A shame as the plot is cool and the world building is great and lends itself for lots of cool things.

In the end this was a pleasant read, but it would have worked better for me if Chase had chosen a different way of telling the story.

Why should you read it:
It's got time travelling and vampires

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Melliane said...

I'm sorry it was difficult with the characters, it happens sometimes... But it's nice that in the end you enjoyed the book. I don't know if this one would be for me thought.