Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Coming Dark - Book Review

The Coming Dark
by Erin McCarthy

What is it about:
Liana Matthews’ mother was murdered when she was two, with her in the room. Raised by her grandmother, she has always been the school freak, but when she starts spewing Latin and exorcising demons she didn’t know existed, she has no choice but to change schools or be tossed in a mental hospital. Her guardians say she is being chased by a demon, and the safest place for her and her best friend, Abby, is in a boarding school for demon hunters in training, where she’ll have a bodyguard in the form of a brawny seventeen year old named Chase.

Yet training as an exorcist and living in constant fear of the demon Axel who attacked her the night she came to school, has Liana unsure who she should trust. With her grandmother in a nursing home and Abby locked away in another building, the one person Liana finds herself wanting to spend time with isn’t a person at all… but a demon. Darius is supposed to be her final exam, the demon she has to exorcise to graduate, yet there is something about him that intrigues her and she knows she can’t kill him. Especially since he says he has information about her father, who she’s never met.

With rumors about her mother’s murder still swirling, Axel trying to kill her, and her feelings torn between the guy who is sworn to protect her and the demon who may endanger her, Liana has to face THE COMING DARK…

What did I think of it:
This is a very enjoyable read.

I will confess:
Put a boarding school in a book and you have my attention.

Sometimes this leads to me reading books that turn out to be a disappointment, but not this time. The Coming Dark is a very entertaining Paranormal YA. At first I was fearing the focus would be on yet another love triangle, but this wasn't the case. Instead this book is full of action, demons and suspense. There's a lot of angsting as well of course, but it's more focused on Liana's powers, the decisions she has to make, and her friendship with Abby.

At times the story leaned towards using too much religion, but that's probably to be expected in a book about exorcists. It never got to the point were it got in the way of the story or started sounding like propaganda though, so I didn't mind.

The ending set itself up for a sequel, lots of things are still unresolved. I will keep an eye out for that sequel, because I'm curious what's next for Liana.

Why should you read it:
It's an enjoyable Paranormal YA read about demons.

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I am very glad you enjoyed this one Sullivan :)