Friday, 17 October 2014

Lovely, Dark, and Deep - Book Review

Lovely, Dark, and Deep (The Collectors #1)
by Susannah Sandlin

What is it about:
When biologist Gillian Campbell makes an offhand comment about a family curse during a TV interview, she has no idea what her words will set in motion. Within days, Gillian finds herself at the mercy of a member of the C7, a secretive international group of power brokers with a dangerous game: competing to find the world’s most elusive treasures, no matter the cost, in money or in lives. To save her family, Gillian teams up with Shane Burke, a former elite diver who’s lost his way, navigating the brutal “death coast” of the North Atlantic to find what the collector seeks: the legendary Ruby Cross of the Knights Templar, stolen by Gillian’s ancestor and lost at sea four hundred years ago.

What did I think of it:
I don't normally read contemporary adventure romance, but having loved all other books Sandlin has written, I wanted to give this book a try.

And I'm glad I did.

This is a very enjoyable story. It has suspense, evil villains, an unlikely hero, and an awesome dog!

There's also lots of action, a very enjoyable romance, and did I tell you about the awesome dog?

Seriously: this book is a lot of fun. The characters are interesting and likable. Both Gillian and Shane have their secret hurts, and I liked seeing them slowly opening up and starting to trust each other with their secrets.

The villains are of course of the very evil and creepy kind, and at times I wondered how Gillian and Shane would ever get out of this whole adventure alive, but Sandlin delivers in a way that satisfied me.

All in all this is a book that I can advice to anyone who's looking for a story filled with adventure, romance, and treasures. I already preordered the next book in this series, so I can read it as soon as it releases.

Why should you read it:
It's a cool action-packed Adventure Romance

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miki said...

^^^i do want to read the next one as well, yes they are kind of stand alone with loose links from each books but i'm sure that like me you want more for teh villains^^

Melliane said...

I really need to read this one, I'm so late !