Monday, 26 October 2015

Sins of the Warrior - Book Review

Sins of the Warrior (Grigori Legacy #4)
by Linda Poitevin

What is it about:
Heaven and Hell are at war

The clock is ticking

Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis’s niece is missing and pregnant with Lucifer’s child, her sister has descended into madness, and the human race has begun a relentless spiral toward self-destruction that Alex is desperate to stop. Now Michael, the Archangel she holds responsible for Earth’s plight, has returned—and he’s demanding her help to track a missing god.

Heaven is losing

Fighting for the very survival of his own realm—and that of humanity—Michael’s only chance to defeat Hell lies in returning Heaven’s long-lost daughter to her throne before it’s too late. But first he’ll have to convince Alex to help him—and to keep her out of Seth’s clutches long enough for her to do so.

There can be no right choices

In a desperate bid to save both their worlds, Alex and Michael must put aside their animosity and find a way to work together in the face of increasingly impossible decisions…and unimaginable sacrifices.

What did I think of it:
This is an awesome conclusion to an amazing series.

Some things happened in the previous book that devastated me. I will confess I wasn't sure if I could bring up the energy to root for Alex and those who are close to her. But I was wrong. Soon after starting this book I was invested again and I couldn't put it down.

My favorite character was gone, but Poitevin made me care for those who were left. Alex and Michael have to fight impossible odds. At times things seemed hopeless, but still they struggled on.

All in all this is a dark and grim story with small sparks of hope and humanity to keep Alex and the reader going. The conclusion is very satisfying in my opinion, and I will most certainly reread this series in the future.

Why should you read it:
It's an amazing UF/Paranormal read.

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Blodeuedd said...

I have not read it cos I do not remember what happened in book 3, but it is slowly coming back to me

miki said...

arf i haven't read book 3 ( i don't have it) but now you have me worried a little

Aurian said...

Great review Sullivan, now I want to start reading the series.