Monday, 2 October 2017

In Evil Times - Book Review

In Evil Times (Imperials #2)
by Melinda M. Snodgrass

What is it about:
Scholarship student Thracius "Tracy" Belmanor and Princess Mercedes de Arango have graduated from the High Ground and become officers in the Orden de la Estrella. Stung by Mercedes' choice of Beauregard "Boho" Cullen as her consort, Tracy is glad that they are posted on battleships light years apart, but soon finds that without her protection he is nothing but a target.

Meanwhile, Mercedes' posting has its own challenges, not least her unfaithful husband.Both young officers find themselves part of forced "assimilations" of settlers on Hidden Worlds, which lead them to doubt the intentions of the Solar League. And when Tracy witnesses an horrific event that threatens the fragile human and alien peace, Mercedes must decide where her loyalties truly lie...

What did I think of it:
I loved the first book in this series and really liked Tracy and Mercedes.

In this book I really started to loathe Tracy. Was he this much of a dick to his alien servant in The High Ground and didn't I notice? Or is he the typical person who when bullied by people of higher rank will lick up and kick down?

And Mercedes wasn't at her best either. I seriously started to root for the aliens, because all the humans were big jerks.

Even so I very much enjoyed this book. The world building and the story are great. Even without a lead character to root for I was invested in the story and wanted to find out what would happen next.

There are a few time jumps in this story, so at the end of this book years have passed since Tracy and Mercedes graduated from the academy. Lots of events have shaped them and the world they live in. Even though I disliked them both by the end of this book, I'm eager to see what will come next for them and the other humans. A big part of me hopes there will be a reckoning.

Why should you read it:
It's a really cool SF read.

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