Friday, 1 June 2018

Quarantaine - A Book Presentation

Yesterday I went to a presentation for a book by a Dutch author.

Quarantaine by Erik Betten

I included a blurb of this book at the end of this post. you'll probably understand after reading the blurb why I wanted to get this book even though I usually only read books in English. If it's as good as I think it will be, I hope it gets translated, so I can get all my English speaking friends to read it as well.

I was early so I could grab a spot in front.

There were lots of copies of the book.
I was determined to get myself a copy after the presentation.

During the presentation they talked about the current issues that are woven into the story. The book is set in Groningen where I live so the current issues being used are familiar to me. I like how the author used those to write a gripping story about a deadly bacteria.

After the presentation there was a symbolic handing out of the first copy of the book.

Then it was time for me to get my greedy trotters on it!

Erik Betten kindly agreed to pose with me for a picture!

And he signed my copy for me as well!

I will confess it's this cool cover that drew my attention and made me investigate what the book was about.

Translated blurb:

Quarantaine is the thrilling debut of Erik Betten. A thriller with current themes about a deadly bacteria - and a government taking unthinkable measures.

Groningen, October. A deadly bacteria surfaces through a gas extraction point. In just a few days halfdead, infected victims swarm mindlessly across the North-Netherlands. Afraid it will spread further the government decides to lock down the affected provinces.

Gonings-Friese politician Homme Olivier, who has been campaigning for the locals for years when it came to the gas extraction in the area, gets pushed to the front as spokesperson. It's his job to try to keep people calm during the a search for a solution.

But when the government uses the army to contain the refugees in the affected provinces Homme might turn into a scapegoat.

When he receives a message from his wife that she is staying in the infected area, Homme decides to abandon his job in Den Haag to search for her. Risking his life he braves the bacteria invested North, searching for something that might have already been lost...

Buy the book at van der Velde
Warning: it's only available in Dutch at the moment.

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