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Interview with Author Carolyn Crane

Those who follow my Character Connection posts might have guessed that I love the book Mind Games by Carolyn Crane. So while waiting for the next book in the Disillusionist trilogy I decided to ask Carolyn if she wanted to drop by for an interview, so I could ask her some things about her books. Luckily she agreed.

First of all let me welcome you and thank you for agreeing to do this interview. I loved Mind Games and am eagerly awaiting Double Cross.

Thanks for having me! I’m so happy to be here with you, Sullivan! LOL. I’ve never been interviewed by a pig before.

On to the actual interview:
I really love how you paint a world that’s not black and white, but is made up out of so many shades of grey. The characters are not all good or all bad as is often the case in stories.

Is this something you tried to go for on purpose or did that just happen along the way?

My most memorable experiences of reading or watching movies have always been when I have sympathy for the villain, or moral questions about the heroine. Or when I’m rooting for something to happen, and then I stop and wonder what exactly I’m rooting for. I love when things have dimensions—it excites me as a reader, so I guess it excites me as a writer, too. That said, I like answers as much as questions. The trilogy starts gray, but it will end with a bit more black and white, but with gray touches. LOL.

Can I assume from your use of the Mongolian Delights Restaurant that you love Kebabs or did you pick that particular restaurant because you don’t like kebabs? I myself can vividly understand anyone’s dislike of kebabs. *shudders*

What? You don’t like kebabs? A pig after Packard’s own heart! I actually have little opinion on kebabs, believe or not. But I have worked in many restaurants, so it is a setting I know really well. And, the Mongolian aspect—I never told anybody this, but I sort of picked it because it seemed humorous.

There are a lot of hats in this book. Do you own a lot of hats yourself and do you have a thing for berets?

LOL. I love your questions, Sullivan. Wow, I never noticed all the hats, but come to think of it, there are hard hats, safari hats, berets, there ARE a lot of hats! How did I never notice all the hats? Busted. I DO love hats! And you know what I just realized? In Double Cross, there are tons of people wearing glasses. * ominous silence *

Very suspicious. I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Since reading the book I’ve been thinking what kind of disillusionist I’d be and as I’m a bit of a cynic at times I’d think I’d be great in getting people to let go of their optimism. What about you? What would be your own specialty? And if you were a highcap, what power would you have/want? (I’d like to have mind control so I could influence people into writing books about pigs and/or zombies.)

Oh, a cynic! You would get along well with Shelby. If I was a disillusionist, I might be the OCD one, because I always think I forgot to lock the front door, or the car door, and I have to go back and check. Or else that I left the stove on. I would make the villains waste a bunch of time checking stuff like that. As for highcap, hmm. I might like to fly. Sullivan, do you want to ride on my back? I promise not to drop you!!

As long as you don’t make any sudden sharp turns to go back to check if the front door is locked I’m on.

There’s lots of side characters in the book that sound really interesting, I’ve already read some where that Simon is going to get more screen time in the next book. What about the others? Any chance we get to learn more about the Monk for example? I know I want to learn more about him anyway. And Diogenes Teufelsdrockh? (I just love that name I must add.) I know he was only mentioned in the book in one sentence and not even by name at that, but after seeing the interview in The Midcity Eagle I’m a fan!

Oh, funny. Okay, maybe this isn’t the sort of thing I should reveal, but I put the Monk in as this mysterious and powerful being in case I got in plot trouble down the line and needed an ace up my sleeve. Do you know what I mean? An ultra powerful character to appear to rescue somebody and turn the tables. But, I have the plot worked in a way where I don’t need an ultra-powerful and mysterious being to save anybody. And that’s probably for the best.

I’m hoping Diogenes will do another Midcity Eagle interview soon. That’s actually a friend of mine - isn’t he great? Okay, just now I made a note in my little notebook to write a little part for Diogenes Teufelsdrockh in book #3. That is a really good idea! The fun thing about being a writer is that you can do that sort of thing. I have this group of friends, and we made a vow to always put stereopticon glasses in our novels, and there is one in book one. Also, thanks for going to the Midcity Eagle! I never know if anybody goes there!

Hmmm, that’s bad news about the Monk, but you made my day with trying to give Diogenes some screen time in book #3. I think your friend did a very good job with the interview and you as well, so I’ll be keeping an eye out on the Midcity Eagle.

What authors have been an influence for you? And have you read any books lately that you want to share with us or have you been too busy with writing on the trilogy to read?

Kelley Armstrong has been a huge influence on me. I think she is just amazing. I also love Jacqueline Carey, Kresley Cole, Richelle Mead, and Charlaine Harris. Also, I feel I learned a lot from Laurel K. Hamilton—her books have been really formative for me. Out of the genre, I’m really big on Graham Greene and Somerset Maugham. I’ve read everything they’ve written multiple times. As for books I’ve been reading lately: Vicki Pettersson’s Zodiac series! How did it take me so long to discover that?

There’s going to be three books about Justine. Any plans for other books? And are those going to be in the same world or have you got something else planned?
If you need any ideas, I can tell you that I’d love to see you write about zombies and/or pigs (as you might have guessed). I’ve been following you on your blog tour and was really disappointed the books you mentioned at Fantasy Dreamers Ramblings weren’t actual books, but just something you made up, especially ‘Road Trip of the Amish Living Dead’ and ‘The were-pig whisperer’, I’d buy them right away.

LOL. But what if something terrible happened to the pig? Sullivan, you would have nightmares!! Okay, I AM working on a new series, a paranormal romance that has UFC (mixed martial arts) fighters and a world domination plot. OMG, I am so excited about it, I can barely concentrate sometimes.

Anything else you’ve been dying to share but no one’s dared to ask?

Little known fact: I have a boiler operator’s license! I can work steam heating plants in small apartment buildings. Or, at least, if they are a certain kind. Nobody ever asks me about that. You are funny.

That is an unexpected side of you. I know who to call when I’m having boiler trouble now. Although that would take time away from you writing so maybe I’d better call someone else.

Well, that concludes this interview. Thanks again for dropping by. I will now let you get back to your writing in hope that you will finish the trilogy and can start on a nice zombies versus pigs story. (I’ll be glad to stand model for the hero, a handsome pig who saves the world from the zombies while plotting world domination himself in secret.)

Okay, Sullivan. I’ll get on it!! Hey, thanks so much for having me!!!

For those who haven't read Mind Games yet:
Run out to get it, it's an amazing book! And the second book in this trilogy - Double Cross - will be out September 28, 2010. And don't forget to check out the Midcity Eagle.


Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I Loved this interview!!! Mc pig is a premium question asker and I cant believe I never knew! Shame on me for not stopping by here =/

I have mind Games on my kindle for PC and I hope to get to it very soon, it just sounds so good!!!

Awesome interview McPig! and Carolyn seems to have had a lot of fun too =)


Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks! And I think you'll love Mind Games.

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I think so too!!! I just need to make a little headway in some books for review and I'll read it =0) I cant wait!

Lea said...

LOL Wonderful interview Sullivan and Carolyn! Interesting facts about the Monk. I'm really looking forward to "Double Cross" too.

You use that boiler's operating license wisely now Carolyn! ;)

Midnight Sapphire Books said...

Great Interview. It would be awesome if you inspire a story Sullivan,hahahaha

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks girls
@Midnight Sapphire Books: I think so too!

vvb32 reads said...

i'm taken with the hats... and soon be be glasses bit ;-D must read this now. and hey, carolyn's skills with steam makes her a steampunker!

Rebecca @ DSB said...

Glasses are sexy. I'm looking forward to copious amounts of gratuitous eye-glass wear in your sequel Carolyn.

Ah, so you're working on a PNR series? No more of this half UF/half PNR? You were one of the few authors working that blur Carolyn. You can't abandon it completely!

Enbrethiliel said...


Oh, man! I waited until I had enough time to read the whole thing instead of just skimming through it, and it is hilarious!

Pigs make the BEST interviewers!

Sullivan McPig said...

*blush* Well, it does help to be able to interview someone like Carolyn