Sunday, 12 June 2011

Monster - Book Review

Monster by A. Lee Martinez

What is it about:
Meet Monster. Meet Judy. Two humans who don't like each other much, but together must fight dragons, fire-breathing felines, trolls, Inuit walrus dogs, and a crazy cat lady - for the future of the universe.Monster runs a pest control agency. He's overworked and has domestic troubles - like having the girlfriend from hell.Judy works the night shift at the local Food Plus Mart. Not the most glamorous life, but Judy is happy. No one bothers her and if she has to spell things out for the night-manager every now and again, so be it.But when Judy finds a Yeti in the freezer aisle eating all the Rocky Road, her life collides with Monster's in a rather alarming fashion. Because Monster doesn't catch raccoons; he catches the things that go bump in the night. Things like ogres, trolls, and dragons. Oh, and his girlfriend from Hell? She actually is from Hell.

What did I think of it:
A witty and fun read. Lee Martinez creates an original, colorful world filled with weird creatures and strange magic. I really liked both Monster and Judy, although I will confess I didn't always like them when they were together. It's pleasantly written and the story is filled with action and humor and had me laughing out loud at certain moments. I wasn't particularly glad with some turns in the story, but everything fit well together I will admit. I will certainly consider reading more books by A. Lee Martinez.

Why should you read it:
It's a fun, original, magic-filled story.

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titania86 said...

ooh. I saw this in the store a while ago and kind of dismissed it. Maybe I should give it another look. Great review!