Thursday, 29 December 2011

Top Pearls Revisited (+giveaway) - Gini Koch

Last year I made a list of my top favorite reads of 2010.
4 debut authors ended up on that list and they kept on writing and impressing me with their books. I decided to revisit last year's list and tell you about what these awesome authors have been up to, what we can expect from them in the future, ask them some questions and to give away some books.

Today: Gini Koch

In 2010 Gini brought us the first two books in her awesome Katherine (Kitty) Katt series: Touched by an Alien and Alien Tango. And under the pen-name of Anita Ensal, Gini released a short story in the anthology Love and Rockets.

2011 was a very busy year for Gini.
Book 3 and 4 in the Kitty series, Alien Tango and Alien Proliferation released. These books brought us The Wedding of the Galaxy, Poofs and some unforgettable moments in Paris.
There was another short story release in the anthology Boondocks Fantasy and I'm glad to say Gini also sold quite a few stories to Musa Publishing under various pen-names. (Gini Koch, Jemma Chase, Anita Ensal. A.E. Stanton and J.C. Koch)

What’s next:

Next to Alien Diplomacy and Alien vs. Alien, book 5 and 6 in the Katherine (Kitty) Katt series (and which I'm really looking forward to), we can also expect many more short stories in 2012.

2013 will bring book 7 and 8 in the Katherine (Kitty) Katt series and we can only hope there will be more in 2014.

And now for a short Q&A with Gini Koch:

- What was your favorite moment of 2011?

Gosh, there were a lot. Alien in the Family and Alien Proliferation releasing and getting really lovely reviews are two biggies. Selling Books 7 & 8 to DAW was also a biggie. But probably the biggest is my daughter graduating from Arizona State University this December.

- What will you be doing on New Year's Eve?

We hold an annual New Year's Eve party, so the Casa should be full of people, and dogs. The Canine Death Squad like to attend the event, too. LOL

- What are you looking forward to in 2012?

Alien Diplomacy and Alien vs. Alien releasing and every other release I'll have, my daughter starting law school, and proving that the whole "world will end" thing is just because 2012 is the Mayan's version of Y2K.


Gini, thanks for dropping by and I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve and a great 2012!


Want to get your hands on a signed copy of Alien Tango?

Now is your chance!
- leave a comment for Gini
- leave a way for me to contact you

This giveaway is international and will run until the 9th of January 2012. A winner will be randomly chosen soon after that date.

Don’t forget to check my previous two posts and to return tomorrow for news about my other Top Pearls authors of 2010 and for more cool giveaways.


Mel said...

Hi Gini - I love your Mayan comment! I guess we don't need someone to find the crystal skulls after all. :-)

Thanks for the giveaway! :-)
Mel S

Melliane said...

I hope you'll have a nice party for the new year. It's always so nice to have a lot of people. this series is a series I really want to read.

thanks for the giveaway!


Gini Koch said...

@Mel - Per Chuckie and my A-Cs, that the crystal skulls stuff was to throw investigators way, WAY off.

@Melliane - Hope you start the series soon, and have a fun NYE whatever you're doing!

Selwyn said...

I'm excited that there are so many books already published (nothing like falling hard for a series and having to wait eons for the next one) so I can keep up my fun quota with Kit and Martini (and everyone - do I have to pick favourites?)

And thanks for making the competition international!

Katie Dalton said...

awww look at Gini and her cute kitty! LOVE that photo! Sending some Sheep love to our Piggy friends across the globe! *hugs* and a safe new year. xoxoxo

Barbara E. said...

I don't need to be entered to win, I have all of Gini's Katherine (Kitty) Katt series. I just wanted to say that I love this series, it's so awesome! I'm reading Alien Proliferation right now, and it's just as fabulous as the rest of the series.

Tamsyn said...

Happy New Year! I hope it will be another great year for all. I enjoyed the post. This is a new author and new series for me. I would love to try out this one. Thanks for the giveaway.

Gini Koch said...

@Selwyn - Oh yeah, you have 4 books out right now, with #5 coming in April. So, you have time to get all caught up. :-D

@Katie - Yo, Sheep Girl! I love that pic of me and His Highness Lord Ebol, He Who Rules All, myself. His Highness says that sheep and pigs are a-okay by him.

@Barbara - So glad you're enjoying AP! And Happy New Year!

@Tamsyn - Happy New Year to you, too! Good luck in the contest!

Kaetrin said...

I'd love to try this series. Some of my favourite bloggers love it.

Is it necessary to read the series in order or is it okay to start with book 2?

hankts AT internode DOT on DOT net

Sullivan McPig said...

@Kaetrin: You can start at book 2 without any problems. it does give spoilers for book 1 of course if you do decide to read book 1 later on.

alainala said...

oohh i love the kitty cat!! and i see my question has been answered.. (reading the books in order) thank you for the chance to win!

alainala AT hotmail DOT ca

Anonymous said...

Count me in. This series is on my TBR list.


Red said...

aw your cat is too cute. i have a grey baby trying to walk across the keyboard right now :)

sounds like a great series to check out!


Filia Oktarina said...

I'd love to try this series. hope i win this. Oh, oohh i love the kitty cat!!
Thanks for giveaway!!

filiafantasy at gmail dot com

IreneRJ said...

I have heard very good things about this series and book 1 is on my wishlist. I would love to win a copy of Alien Tango,thank you for the chance.

Gini Koch said...

@Kaetrin - like Sully said, you can start with Book 2. I, of course, recommend starting with Touched by an Alien and then racing to Alien Tango and so on, but however you want to read the books works for me. ;-D

@alainala - thank you! That's His Highness, Lord Ebol, and he thanks you for your worship. LOL

@Andrea - good luck!

@Red - His Highness, Lord Ebol, thanks you for your worship and says you should be sure to spoil his smaller version that lives with you. ;-D

@Filia - His Highness, Lord Ebol is loving this site and those who comment on it, and has declared all McPig blog readers to clearly be the coolest around.

@Irene - good luck and I hope you get Touched by an Alien soon, too!