Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wishlist Wednesday and Giveaway Alert - Bound by Fire

Bound by Fire by Ronald Craft

An ancient promise.
A forgotten treachery.
Seven souls, bound by fire, will begin their quest for the truth.

Ilian, an apprentice blacksmith, has the heart of a god sealed within him. When Karena, the beautiful red-haired assassin, kills his father and rips his soul from his body, Ilian soon becomes entangled in a rivalry that has spanned over hundreds of years.

Meanwhile, on the other ends of the earth an evil that has been waiting for generations to emerge has finally taken the first step towards changing the known world forever.


Another book that has me drooling over the cover, but doesn't the story sound cool as well!?

And if you live in the US and hurry over to Goodreads, you can still enter to win a paperback copy of this book!

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