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An Interview with Amanda Carlson + Giveaway

Today Amanda Carlson visits my blog for an interview. Amanda Carlson is the author of the Jessica McClain series, a really cool Urban Fantasy series about a female werewolf.

Welcome to Pearls Cast Before A McPig, Amanda.
Could you tell a bit about yourself for those people who don’t know you yet?

I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. I’m married with three kids and one bunny. I started writing when I was twelve and never really stopped. I love writing urban fantasy. Building a world out of nothing is such an awesome experience.

How many books will there be in the Jessica McClain series?

That’s an unknown at the moment...but stay tuned! (I promise there will be more, shhh.)

Have you ever been tempted to use people who’d been rude to you in real life as victims in your books? Or have there been other people you used as characters in your books?

No, all my characters are completely fictional. But my writing comes out of my experiences, so maybe my subconcious is at work? Who knows. I did have a woman talk one time and her voice was exactly how I pictured the character Marcy in my head. That was fun!

Are there any other projects you’re working on or thinking about starting in the near future?

Yes. I’ve got some “sekrit” projects in the works. But they can’t be let out of the bag just yet…but stay tuned.

Where can you be found when you’re not at your desk writing?

Usually driving my kids around to various sports and activities. My favorite downtime away from the office is going to dinner and a movie with my husband. I look forward to that on the weekends the most.

What did you do to celebrate the release of your first book?

My parents brought over flowers and wine and my husband brought home dinner and a wonderful gift. We all celebrated in to the night. It was great.

What is the best thing about being a published author?

Seeing my books in print. That is the very best!

And what do you like the least about being a published author?

The deadlines can be crushing at times. You have one book deadline, and then you get edits on top of that and sometimes more, each with their own deadline. It’s difficult to always juggle it, but it’s so very worth it in the end. I can’t complain too much.

What authors have been an influence for you? And have you read any books lately that you want to share with us or have you been too busy with writing to read?

Lately I’ve been too busy to do much reading, but the last book I read was off genre. I read a great Georgette Heyer biography by Jennifer Kloester. I love Georgette and it was so interesting to see what shaped her world. JK Rowling is the ultimate storyteller in my opinion. I never get tired of revisiting the world of Harry Potter.

Are there zombies or pigs in any of your books or will there be any in future books?

I can never say never, right?! Especially after having a wereweasel show up in book two.

Thanks for dropping by, I'm looking forward to the next Jessica McClain book.

Thanks so much for hosting me! I had tons of fun stopping by. COLD BLOODED releases October 8th, 2013. Hope you enjoy the series.

About Cold Blooded (Jessica McClain #3):

Jessica arrives back in town to find her best friend missing and the most powerful witch in the country is blaming her for it. But before they can move to save her, the group is attacked.

On the run, Jessica and Rourke head to the mountains. Several surprises await them, but in order to save her father they are forced to leave for New Orleans early.

Arriving on the Vampire Queen's doorstep unexpectedly, and bringing trouble on their heels, the Sects are thrown into an all out war. The vicious
skirmish ends up forcing the vamps and Jessica to fight on the same team.

The Vamp Queen ends up owing Jessica, but what Jessica doesn't realize is just how soon she'll have to cash it in...

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Amanda kindly offered a copy of Hot Blooded, book 2 in the Jessica McClain series, to one reader of my blog.

The winner is Blodeuedd

A winner will be picked at random on October 5th.
Open everywhere bookdepository ships to, to everyone who's legally allowed to enter this giveaway.


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Blodeuedd said...

*waves hello* I never thought to check the other half of the event

SandyG265 said...

This sounds like an interesting series.

Barbara E. said...

I enjoyed the interview and the chance to learn more about the Jessica McClain series. I haven't had a chance to pick up any of the books yet, but they sound like wonderful stories.

Aleksandra said...

Great interview :) I love the world Amanda has created in this series, so awesome job,Amanda! Can't wait to read more, and I'm looking forward to all of your secret projects in the future.

miki said...

i need book 2 so i can jump on book 1 that is waiting impatiently ( what can i say, i'm so afraid of cliffhanger)

so thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

CĂ©line G. said...

Thanks a lot for the interview and the giveaway! I enjoyed book 1 really really much, it is totally awesome!!

erin said...

thanks for sharing! Sounds awesome!

Ren said...

I just read the novella, and I'm hooked. Can't wait for read Full Blooded and Hot Blooded too :)

Denise Z said...

Oh I love it when there are "Sekrits" in the works. That means more for greedy readers like me ;) Thank you for visiting with us.

Mary Preston said...

Pleased to meet Amanda here. This series does sound great.

JenM said...

Thanks for the interview. I enjoyed the first book, but haven't gotten around to the second one yet. Now that the third is coming out, I should try to catch up.

Ishtar said...

sorry my english is not very good. That's why I put the reader of English books.
Thank you for this contest and good weekend!

Aurian said...

Thanks for the nice interview, and good luck with those secret projects!

AvenueLecture said...

Thank you for that great interview and for the giweaways :

Blodeuedd said...


Amanda said...

Congratulations, Blodeuedd! I will be sending it out very soon via Book Depository.

Thank you to all who commented & for a chance to stop by and chat on the blog!

Amanda Carlson