Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Repossessed - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

Repossessed (Warlock Repo Man Chronicles #1)
by Shawntelle Madison

What is it about:
Return to the Coveted universe with a new series featuring witches and warlocks!

Supernatural matchmaker Tessa Dandridge knows a little mist here and a little magic there will help reckless werewolves and precocious pixies find love. That is, until her magical Smythe scroll is lost in her repo'ed car and she can't contact her V.I.P. clients. To connect with an important client cavorting in the fifth dimension, Tessa must depend on handsome Rob Shin, a warlock repo man, to enter Limbo and find her Smythe scroll.

Rob has money problems of his own, thanks to the bank determined to foreclose on his elderly aunt and uncle's home. Repossessing magic wands and cursed pianos from disgruntled warlocks isn't the best pay, but the Navy SEAL works well as a repo man to pay off his family's debts. Rob's repossession jobs catch up with him when a powerful warlock seeks to end his life for his constant meddling, drawing Tessa in the middle.

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
After having read and loved Madison's Coveted and Kept, I wanted more, so I picked up Repossessed, which is set in the same universe as those books.

And this is a very enjoyable read.

I will confess I thought the main plot of Tessa trying to get back her scroll was a bit far fetched. I really couldn't believe that getting the scroll back through legal channels would be even more complicated than the way she's trying to get to the scroll.

But that aside this is a fun and entertaining read.

The interaction between Rob and Tessa was very enjoyable to read, and I loved Rob's family. I hope there will be more character development, and explanations of certain magical items and such in future books though.

Overall this book isn't as cool as the books in the Coveted series, but certainly fun enough to keep an eye out for the next book. I can advice this book to anyone who's looking for a fun and entertaining read.

Why should you read it:
It's a very enjoyable Paranormal Romance.

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Aurian said...

Want! It sounds good, adding it to my wishlist Sullivan.

Melliane said...

I agree with you, not as good but it's a nice read.