Monday, 31 March 2014

TBR Orphan Challenge - March Update

Time to see how I did on my challenge this month.

Overall I'm not reading a lot compared to my usual reading habits. I'm having a hard time concentrating, and helping Voodoo Bride with her writing doesn't help either.

Even with all that I managed to remember my poor orphaned books.

I started out reading about half of the stories in Home Improvement.
When reading the Stacia Kane story I was reminded I still hadn't read:

Chasing Magic
I immediately remedied that situation.
How this book turned into an orphan is beyond me!
I love this series, and even preordered this book in 2012. I must have had a blackout or something to overlook this book for so long.

So that's one and a half orphan this month.
I'm doing well.

How about you?


Aurian said...

I have a book called Home Improvement, the Undead (something). Is that the same book? Edited by Charlaine Harris I think?
I did very well on my books longer than 1 year on my shelf, especially as I fell in love with Heather Graham's books, and I have many of those.

Sullivan McPig said...

Yup,that's the one!
You probably have the US edition with a different cover. Mine is the UK edition

Aurian said...

okay, thanks. So, do you think the anthology worth your reading time so far? It is almost an orphan for me I think.

Sullivan McPig said...

I've mainly read stories by authors I already know and those were good. Especially Patricia Briggs', Suzanne McLeod's and Stacia Kane's