Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Armchair BEA - Author Interaction

I’ve been very lucky in author interactions. Often you hear about all kinds of drama going on and authors behaving badly, but I’ve had so many wonderful interactions.

My first author interaction was with a Dutch author. Midas Dekkers was visiting our local bookstore and I went there to get a book signed by him. He was kind enough to pose with me for a picture and we even made the local news together!

Most interactions with authors I have online. I’m the kind of pig who can’t stay quiet when loving a book, so I often either send an email, or find the author in question on twitter to tell how much I loved their book. This way I came into contact with great authors like Gini Koch, Carolyn Crane and Jess Haines.

Laura Bickle I came into contact with because I couldn’t get one of her books in our local bookstore. She kindly sent a signed copy to me when I asked her how I could get hold of her book. Following Laura Bickle around online I ended up on the blog Word-Whores where I met Jeffe Kennedy, Marcella Burnard, Kerry Schafer and other cool authors.

So not only is interacting with authors online fun, you can also run into other authors when doing so, and discover beautiful books you wouldn’t have otherwise.

I can confess I see some of the authors I met online as friends. They’ve helped me out, sent me wonderful presents and are the most awesome people you can imagine. I hope to one day meet them in real life, but living in the Netherlands that’s not easily arranged.

As for meeting authors in real life:

Last November I went to World Fantasy Con in Brighton and there I met some really cool authors. Suzanne McLeod was even kind enough to let me tag along on the first day of the con, when I was pretty much overwhelmed by being at my first con.

I also met Holly Black, Sarah Rees Brennan and Amanda Sun at WFC. I met Joanne Harris who told me about Zombies, Run, a great running app that my owner now uses to learn to run away from zombies.

And, and…

I met Neil Gaiman!

I acted like a total fan piggy, and he probably thought I was a loon, but it was awesome!

You can bet I will be visiting another con sometime in the future!


Ms. Yingling said...

I imagine that authors are glad to have a new request, such as posing with your pig! Breaks up their day of people saying how much they adore them. Must be hard! Hope that you have fun with Armchair BEA.

Allison Bruning said...

Talk about some great memories. I'm glad you had fun.

West Virginia Red said...

I love that you have them all with your mascot! I met Mr. G too and he was so wonderful.

Jeffe Kennedy said...


Wesley Hoffmann said...

Oh Neil! Great picture, haha

Becky B. @ Bibliognome said...

Sweet, you have had some awesome author interactions. I've found a lot of great authors on Twitter too. Love your picture of Neil Gaiman. :)

Jessica Haluska said...

So at first I was all, "Sarah Rees Brennan, Sarah Rees Brennan!" But then you had your big Neil Gaiman reveal, and OMG Stardust is one of my absolute most favorite books, and I LOVE him. See, he would totally think I was a loon too ;)

Jessica @ Rabid Reads

Juli Rahel said...

Omg Neil Gaiman! He is amazing! I'm about to start reading 'Stardust' and I can't wait! How sweet is it that they all poses with the piggie! I'm also originally from the Netherlands, Utrecht in my case!
Great answer, hopefully I'll see you at the Twitter party later!
Juli @ Universe in Words

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!
I was very happy to run into Neil Gaiman. and I love how most authors don't mind posing with me for a picture

@Jeffe: *hugs*

Elizabeth Bevins said...

Wow...Neil Gaiman. How cool is that. I've met Douglas Adams--years ago. I love the interaction on Twitter with authors. Most are very nice. It's fun to be able to share your love of books with the actual author.

Shaunesay Eslanai said...

Carolyn Crane is another favorite of mine too! And I bet Neil thought you were fantastic!

miki said...

i can only wish you to meet a lot of fabulous authors^^

Aurian said...

Great post Sullivan, and I agree how much fun it is to interact with authors and become friends with them. I really hope you will join us at LLC next year.