Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Visions - Early Book Review

Visions (Cainsville #2)
by Kelley Armstrong

What is it about:
Omens, the first installment in Kelley Armstrong’s exciting new series, introduced Olivia Taylor-Jones, daughter of notorious serial killers, and Gabriel Walsh, the self-serving, morally ambiguous lawyer who became her unlikely ally. Together, they chased down a devious killer and partially cleared her parents of their horrifying crimes.

Their success, however, is short-lived. While Olivia takes refuge in the old, secluded town of Cainsville, Gabriel’s past mistakes have come to light, creating a rift between the pair just when she needs his help the most.

Olivia finds a dead woman in her car, dressed to look like her, but the body vanishes before anyone else sees it. Olivia’s convinced it’s another omen, a sign of impending danger. But then she learns that a troubled young woman went missing just days ago—the same woman Olivia found dead in her car. Someone has gone to great lengths to kill and leave this young woman as a warning. But why? And what role has her new home played in this disturbing murder?

Olivia’s effort to uncover the truth places her in the crosshairs of old and powerful forces, forces that have their own agenda, and closely guarded secrets they don’t want revealed.

What did I think of it:
I absolutely loved the first book in this series, and have been eagerly awaiting this book. So I was over the moon when the same friend who managed to snag me an ARC of Omens, got hold of an ARC of Visions for me, so I could read it early.

And this another great read.

The paranormal elements were more present than in the first book. Slowly Olivia is starting to learn more about what is going on with Cainsville, and why she can see omens. Her quest for answers leads her into danger, but luckily she's not on her own.

I again really enjoyed the way Olivia and Gabriel interact. Gabriel is such a complex and intriguing character. I will confess I like him even more than I like Olivia. So I was very annoyed when Olivia set her eyes on other men than Gabriel. But Armstrong knows how to keep me interested, and the romance fits perfectly within the story, making it part of the plot instead of just being there for romance-sake.

All in all this book is just as suspenseful as the first book, answering some of my questions, but raising others. The ending is again one that left me both satisfied and frustrated, because I want much, much more.

Why should you read it:
It's a really suspenseful Paranormal thriller

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