Tuesday, 30 September 2014

TBR Orphans - September Update

Time to look at my self imposed challenge!

In September I read 5 orphaned books:

Lovely, Dark, and Deep by Susannah Sandlin - This book became an orphan on September 16th.

Haunted by Joy Preble - This book got orphaned because it was the second book in a series, and I waited with reading it until I got my trotters on book one (yup, I totally bought this out of order). It has been on my shelves since May this year.

Ironskin by Tina Connolly - Has been on my shelves since December 2013 waiting for me to be in the mood for a Jane Eyre retelling.

Angels' Flight by Nalini Singh - Somehow I overlooked this anthology until recently, after adding it to my tbr pile in March 2012

Archangel's Legion by Nalini Singh - Only got orphaned at the start of September

I could argue I even read 6 orphans: I also read Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers, a book I tried back in 2012 and couldn't get into back then. But because I tried the NetGalley version back then, and only acquired the (print) book I recently read in July, I decided that didn't count as an orphan.

That brings the orphans I read so far this year to a total of 19! That is well over my target of 12.

I will continue to try to read at least on orphan each month.

How did you do on your challenges this month?


miki said...

hum i must be tired because i don't see why lovely dark and deep is a orphan book....or became one

Sullivan McPig said...

If it's on my shelves for more than 3 months, it's an orphan. And why it became one: too many other books I wanted/had to read.

Aurian said...

I read Lovely Dark and Deep in July, and still have to write a review about it. If I manage to do so after all this time, it will be short ...