Monday, 3 November 2014

Compelled - Book Review

Compelled (Coveted #3)
by Shawntelle Madison

What is it about:
For the past five years, Natalya Stravinsky has dreamed of two things: to rejoin the South Toms River werewolf pack and to be reunited with Thorn Grantham. Fate may have brought the pack back into her life, but unless she journeys to Russia to save Thorn, the love she’s found may be lost again. For a stubborn werewolf like Natalya, no distance is too far, no magic spell too complex to master, because one way or another she will find a way to have everything she has ever wanted.

What did I think of it:
I very much enjoyed the first two book in this series, so was very happy to get my trotters on a signed version of Compelled. Some reviewers seemed to be disappointed by this book though, so I was afraid to start on it, and only recently picked it up from my TBR-pile.

And I must say I really liked it!

Thorn being cursed and losing his strength meant that he wasn't as annoyingly present as in the last book. Yes: he may be Natalya's love interest, but I do not like him. So without Thorn constantly in Natalya's way, trying to wipe her nose for her, she could actually get the job done.

Some of the characters from the previous books got more depth and screentime, and there were some interesting new characters as well. I was a little bummed that my favorite character had just disappeared and wasn't in this book, but that is a minor grumble.

Overall this book is fun, full of action, and very entertaining. This is the last book in this series as far as I know, and it does end satisfying where it comes to Natalya and her quests. There are some things left open for other characters, so I'm curious if Madison will address those in novella's or spin-off books. I will keep my eyes out for news!

Why should you read it:
It's a really fun Urban Fantasy read

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Melliane said...

I'mglad you liked it. I was a bit disappointed by it, it was too different and the heroine has changed a lot there but like she isn't the same but it's still a good book, but had the impression it was another series.

miki said...

i have the first book to read so i'm behind but glad to know the rest of the serie sound really good already