Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Universal Alien - Early Book Review

Universal Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt #10)
by Gini Koch

What is it about:
Issues with Australia need to be straightened out, so the White House sends the Vice President and his wife, aka Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, over to handle the situation. But before Kitty can make things worse, she’s suddenly in another world -- one where she’s been married to Charles Reynolds for years and aliens don’t exist.

Kitty’s not the only one confused, because the Kitty from that world has taken her place in this one. Can they both save their respective days before it’s too late to go home to the universes they belong to, or will one Kitty decide to keep the other’s life… forever?

What did Voodoo Bride and I think of it:
We fell in love with the series when we read the first book, Touched by an Alien, and the books after that first one have only deepened that love. So we were looking forward to reading Universal Alien.

I will confess we were just a little bit apprehensive. Kitty is married to Chuckie in that other universe? I know many fans of this series love Chuckie, but Voodoo Bride and I have never liked him. But after 9 awesome books, we trusted Gini Koch enough to not be too worried. We were sure she would handle it in a way that would make us love this book.

And she did!

Wow! This book is right there in the top three of our favorite books in this series. Gini not only manages to pull the Kitty switch off in a way that had me rooting for both Kitty's, she also manages to have both Kitty's get involved in suspenseful intrigues. At first these seem separated, but it soon becomes clear these two universes may have more in common with each other than just superficial similarities.

I loved reading how both Kitty's try to adapt and save the day. Our Kitty meets lots of doppelgangers of people she knows in the other universe, and I liked seeing how these people were so very different, yet the same, all due to making different choices in life, or due to different events. I even started rooting for characters in the other universe, who never really clicked with me in the regular Kitty universe. (Nope: still not liking Chuckie.)

All in all this is yet another crazy, fun, and action-packed adventure that is a must read for fans of this series. And if you haven't started on this series yet: get going! This series is too awesome to miss out on.

Why should you read it:
It's a cool, fun, and wacky SciFi read.

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Blodeuedd said...

I had planned to read it this weekend but damn I got another book that is due out before, nooooo

Sullivan McPig said...

I hope you get to read it soon

miki said...

^^ it's oen i have to read for sure ^^ ( i'm not that against chuck^^) i'm really curious to see those who made different choice ( hey perhaps some who are dead aren't there!)

Jaymie said...

Been feeling apprehensive about this one, too. Thanks for putting my mind at ease!