Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Asylum - Book Review

Asylum (Asylum #1)
by Madeleine Roux

What is it about:
For sixteen-year-old Dan Crawford, New Hampshire College Prep is more than a summer program—it's a lifeline. An outcast at his high school, Dan is excited to finally make some friends in his last summer before college. But when he arrives at the program, Dan learns that his dorm for the summer used to be a sanatorium, more commonly known as an asylum. And not just any asylum—a last resort for the criminally insane.

As Dan and his new friends, Abby and Jordan, explore the hidden recesses of their creepy summer home, they soon discover it's no coincidence that the three of them ended up here. Because the asylum holds the key to a terrifying past. And there are some secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Featuring found photos of unsettling history and real abandoned asylums and filled with chilling mystery and page-turning suspense, Madeleine Roux's teen debut, Asylum, is a horror story that treads the line between genius and insanity.

What did I think of it:
This is a nice read.

I had expected it to be creepy and suspenseful, but that was not to be.

Largely this book is Dan, Abby and Jordan bickering and being irresponsible. I really wondered how they managed to get into this summer program, they didn't seem dedicated enough. There is some mystery of course, but it never really got creepy in my opinion. Instead this book sometimes even tries too hard to be mysterious. It felt forced and unbelievable.

But maybe it's just me. Often people talk about a book being creepy, or scary, and when I read it I don't find it creepy at all. So I might be a jaded piggy, and this book might spook the crap out of anybody else.

All in all I thought this was an entertaining read, but I don't think I will read the sequel.

Why should you read it:
It's a nice Paranormal YA read, and maybe you do find it creepy.

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