Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dystopia - Book Review

Dystopia: Post-Apocalyptic Art, Fiction, Movies & More
by David Golder

What is it about:
We have an obsession with broken societies set in futuristic worlds, curious but terrifying new technologies and post-apocalyptic dusty wastelands where survivors grow more desperate every day. Dystopian worlds created in art, books, movies, TV shows and even music have always been hugely popular, stemming from such fantastic literature as 1984 and Day of the Triffids, but their popularity is, if possible, increasing.

This exciting new book explores why we are so captivated by gritty, violent worlds and looks at how recent releases such as The Hunger Games have created an incredible snowball effect, encouraging new works and reminding us of the classics. Fantastic contemporary artwork by a range of great artists features alongside punchy text, bringing to life dystopian worlds full of cyberpunk fashion where the cameras are always watching...

What did I think of it:
You might know I'm a sucker for a good Dystopian story, so when I saw this book at the local bookstore I just couldn't resist.

The cool cover and the artwork inside the book were huge factors in my decision to buy this book as well!

And after reading the book I can advice this book to anyone who likes the artwork, and who wants a list of Dystopian books and movies.

The whole blah about why Dystopian books and movies are popular isn't very interesting, but this book is a joy to look at, and it names lots of Dystopian books, I hadn't heard about before. I will certainly investigate further, and get my trotters on some of the works mentioned.

This book will end up on my keeper shelves, and I will drool over the beautiful artwork from time to time.

Why should you read it:
It gives a great list of Dystopian books and movies to check out.

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