Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Kill or Cure - Book Review

Kill or Cure (The Afterblight Chronicles #2)
by Rebecca Levene

What is it about:
We all go a little crazy sometimes...

Jasmine has spent five years underground, locked in a secret government bunker. Outside, the world has gone to hell, a mysterious virus killing all but 1 in 20 of the world's population. It's enough to drive anyone mad - but Jasmine's crazier than most. The cure she was working on had an unexpected side effect, psychotic symptoms which only powerful drugs can suppress.

Jasmine's rescuers, the pirate rulers of the New Caribbean, don't care. They need Jasmine's help to discover what it is that has turned the inhabitants of Cuba into rabid killers. Jasmine's quest to find a cure for this new plague, as well as for her own madness, draws her across the fractured continent of America and into the darkest recesses of her own past.

What did I think of it:
Recently I asked people what I should read next. That turned into a tie, so I picked up this book first, because the mention of rabid killers and plague just might mean zombies!

Even though it turned out there were no zombies (although the rabid killers certainly had things in common with them) this was a cool read.

Post-apocalyptic pirates, a mad lead character, rabid killers, and more: this book is filled with action and suspense. Because Jasmine is such an unhinged character it is pretty difficult to root for her, but there were some other characters I liked and who I rooted for instead.

Still if there's one thing I can say against this book, it's that I lacked a connection to the lead character. I had a hard time understanding why some of the others went along with her plans.

All in all this is a fast and entertaining read. I liked Levene's Anno Mortis better, but just looking at this book I would still pick up more books by Levene if they sound interesting.

Why should you read it:
It's a very entertaining post-apocalyptic read.

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Ajdin Adilovic said...

Any book recommendations for a little bear?

Sullivan McPig said...

with my preference for zombies I'm not sure i'm the right piggy to ask ;-)
What do you like?