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Shooting Star - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

Shooting Star
by Jeffe Kennedy

What is it about:
Not all desires are shiny and sweet—and the dark ones might change you forever…

It’s not the kind of obsession a tough Army guy can admit to—a jones for Ava, the pretty-princess pop star. Not just her body, the perfect product that sells all those magazines. Her music.

The critics call her human lip gloss, all style and no substance. To Joe Ivanchan, Ava is the exact blend of reality and fantasy that he can tolerate, the closest he’s willing to get to giving his heart after the injury and breakdown that got him out of the service.
But Ava is real. She’s a flesh and blood woman with a publicity machine and an album deadline, along with a whole team of handlers paid to shellac a pristine sheen over a damaged, desperate soul. A woman with fears, with secrets, with desires.

When Joe finds himself in an interview to join her security team as her driver, his instinct is to get away. But the woman behind Ava’s carefully focus-grouped image is even harder to walk away from. The angry needs tormenting her speak to something within Joe. Something empathetic, protective—and primal…

Besides, even a falling star can light up the darkest night.

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
This book is different from Jeffe's other Contemporary Romances in that it's a lot darker and tackles some pretty serious themes.

That said: I love it with all my heart!

Joe has been through hell and there was only one thing that made him hold on: Ava and her music. Some may see Joe's obsession as stalkerish, I myself recognized so much in how Joe feels. I've had times that I felt really bad, and when there was just this one song, this one special book, or movie that kept my grounded, or that told me things would get better if I just held on. At the start of the book Ava is that one thing that kept Joe grounded, and then he meets her and gets to know the real Ava.

Ava is just as damaged as Joe, if in another way. She's been in the spotlights from a very young age and that has taken its toll. She made mistakes, trusted the wrong people, and feels trapped in the persona she has become. Joe is the first person in a long time who isn't hand picked to cater to what people think she needs.

The romance between these two isn't an easy one. Both have issues and traumas to work through before they can even think of being there for someone else. But seeing them try, seeing them open up, and realize there is a better future possible, is so beautiful. I rooted for them to break the chains that keep them shackled to their past and to grow and heal.

All in all this is a beautiful and emotional romance about two damaged people who find each other and learn how to heal and move on.

Why should you read it:
It's a beautiful dark Contemporary Romance

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