Review and Privacy Policy

Most books I review on my blog are bought by me.
Some books have been given to me by friends or won by me in giveaways.
I also received some books from the author for review.

All reviews are my honest opinion and this opinion is in no way influenced by how I got hold of the book.


I'm happy to be contacted by authors, publishers or publicists about reviewing books.

My Preferred Genres: Urban Fantasy, SciFi, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Young Adult and anything with zombies.

I accept ARCs or already published books in the following formats:
e-books: PDF or Epub.
Print: hardback or paperback.

Info I'd like to get when you request a review:
- Booktitle by Author
- Bookformat
- Genre
- A short description of the book or the blurb
- Link to Author website

Note: you don't have to send the book with your request!

My email address can be found in my profile.


Privacy Policy

Any information gathered by me will not be used for any advertising, mailings, or other business deals.
I might contact you if you join a giveaway and win.
I also might investigate and even buy a book you mention in the comments ;-)

Some links to bookdepository are affiliate links and might track if you buy something from bookdepository in which case I will receive a small fee from bookdepository for pointing you their way.

Please be sure to check the privacy policy Blogger has in place if you want to know what information they store and what they do with it if you comment on my blog.

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