Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Author Interview - Jeffe Kennedy

Today we have one of Voodoo Bride's favorite authors here on our blog:
Jeffe Kennedy

Jeffe is a fun and cool person who writes extremely hot BDSM erotica. Her newest book 'Sapphire' released on October 24. She was kind enough to sit down with us and answer some questions.

Check the links at the end of this post for Voodoo Bride's reviews of Petals & Thorns (a BDSM retelling of Beauty and the Beast) and Feeding the Vampire (post-apocalyptic vampire erotica). And check back tomorrow for her review of Sapphire.


Voodoo Bride: Jeffe, welcome to Pearls Cast Before a McPig. We’re thrilled to have you here.

- I’m thrilled to be here! As you know, I’m a long-time reader and fan of the pig and the bride.

Voodoo Bride: I absolutely love Petals and Thorns. Finally a version of my favourite fairytale where Beast is actually behaving according to his nature. Do you have any other fairytale retellings planned? If you need any suggestions: Bluebeard is screaming for a hot retelling in my opinion.

- I’ve thought about Bluebeard, but there’s so much scary to that one, I’m not sure how to make it sexy! I do have an idea for Rapunzel – all that hair. I’m also toying with a new idea about a woman torn between two men, one who treats her like an angel and the other who has darker desires. Could be very fun! I’ve noticed, though, that fairytale elements make it into most of my stories. In my novel, Obsidian, which comes out in June, my heroine is a neuroscientist who ends up in Faerie, though it’s not strictly a fairytale retelling.

Sullivan: I’d like a retelling of Three Little Pigs.
Voodoo Bride: You don’t even read erotica!
Sullivan: It could be a zombie retelling!

- Zombie pigs? Now THAT is horrifying! Harder to make sexy than Bluebeard!

Voodoo Bride: I’ve heard you are thinking of writing more stories set in the same world as Feeding the Vampire. Will they feature the same characters or will they be stand alones? And any chance one of them will be novel sized?
Sullivan: And will they feature zombies?

- I do want to write more in that world and all my ideas for it are novel-length. I think Ivan and Misty would be characters, but not the main ones. I’m really interested in what smart women would do in a post-apocalyptic world. Most stories seem to have them being subject to the brutality of men. I can see that strength would win out to an extent, but then there’s always some weak but super smart guy who has all the brutes working for him. Why wouldn’t women do this? I have in mind a woman who’s been a university president who starts a community of women – where men are allowed access under strictly controlled conditions. Vampires, too. And Sullivan, I would add in zombies, just for you.

Sullivan: Yay! You are the best!

Voodoo Bride: How did you come up with the setting of Feeding the Vampire anyway?

- Feeding the Vampire came from a dream. So in the dream, I knew it was a church basement and that the world was in chaos. All the people there were gathered to deal with the aftermath of a great disaster. I had to figure out what I thought had happened, to fit the details of the dream. Earthquakes fit for me. Plus there’s been a lot of thinking about earthquakes this year and how we’re dealing with them worldwide. Very few places aren’t affected by at least the secondary effects.

Voodoo Bride: We’re both big fans of Word-Whores, the blog that you keep with six other authors. How did the seven of you get together and how do you come up with your weekly topic?

- It is kind of interesting how the seven of us came together. I knew Allison, Marcella and KAK through FF&P (the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal online chapter of RWA). I also knew Laura through the chapter, though not as well. At the RWA conference in Orlando in 2010, Allison, Linda and Laura were all at the party for Pocket authors. Allison and Laura knew each other from FFP and Linda hung with them because she and Laura had been in a writer’s group in Ohio together for many years. After the Pocket party, Allison introduced them to me and the four of us spent much of the rest of the conference hanging in the bar together. Allison proposed the idea of the Word-Whores group blog. I suggested roping Marcella and KAK into it. Allison and I both knew Kerry from Twitter, so we invited her to round out our seven days of the week. When we started, we each proposed 8-10 topics and then we all voted on them and took the top 52 for our topics for 2011. KAK made the calendar, so she decided the order.

Voodoo Bride: What can you tell us about your newest release Sapphire? Is it a stand alone or will there be more books?

- Sapphire is different for me in that it’s a contemporary erotic story with no paranormal elements. I don’t know if Kirliss and Taylor will get more stories or not. I might have to let them work out the rest of their relationship in private.

Voodoo Bride: Any other projects you’re working on and can tell us about?

- I already mentioned that Obsidian will be out in June. I’m about to start on a sequel to it, that I’m calling Aquamarine. (They’re totally unrelated to Sapphire – I have no idea what’s up with me and the one-word jewel titles.) I am shopping another novel, The Body Gift, right now. Sullivan would like it – there’s a character with a boar spirit. It’s a contemporary fantasy with shamanistic magic, so all the characters have animal spirits. And I’m almost done writing The Middle Princess, which pulls a lot from fairytales. You know the stories of the three princesses, each more beautiful than the last? Well this is about the middle one – not the heir, not the beauty.

Um, no zombie books, Sullivan. Sorry!

Voodoo Bride: Oh, the Middle Princess sounds intriguing.
Sullivan: I’m more interested in that boar spirit! If I can’t have zombies, a boar spirit is a great alternative.

Voodoo Bride: Jeffe, thank you for answering my questions and for putting up with my zombie-obsessed friend.


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And check back tomorrow for Voodoo Bride's review of Sapphire, Jeffe's newest release.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Thanks for hosting me, you two!

M.A.D. said...

Feeding the Vampire sounds like something I'd enjoy - cool that it came to Jeffe in a dream [our subconscious is such a funny little thing lol]

And Sully is right, zombies are like the condiment of literature - they make everything taste better heh heh heh ;D

Jeffe Kennedy said...

It's pretty amusing to read this again. Wow. Obsidian became Rogue's Pawn and The Middle Princess became The Mark of the Tala. Still haven't done the Rapunzel story, though I've been mulling it. Nor have I done the university president story - but I've been toying with getting my rights back on that world and doing it. The torn between two men idea morphed and came out in Master of the Opera and The Body Gift got rewritten and is out on submission now as an epic fantasy. So interesting to retrace these threads!

The Word Whores have morphed, too, with me, Linda, Marcella and KAK remaining of the original crew. Not bad continuity though!