Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Goblin King - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

The Goblin King (Shadowlands #1)
by Shona Husk

What is it about:
Once Upon A Time...

A man was cursed to the Shadowlands, his heart replaced with a cold limp of gold. In legends, he became know as The Goblin King.

For a favored few he will grant a wish. Yet, desperately clinging to his waning human soul, his one own desire remains unfulfilled.

A Willing Queen.

But who would consent to move from the modern-day world into the realm of nightmares? No matter how intoxicating his touch, no matter how deep his valor, loving him is dangerous. And the one woman who might dare to try could also destroy forever his chance at a Happily Ever After.

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
When first hearing about this book I was immediately intrigued by the idea of a Goblin king as a romantic lead. (Yes, the movie Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies, I will confess.)

Then I read the free prequel story The Summons and I knew I had to read The Goblin King.

I love this book!

It's well written, it has goblins, awful men who get what they deserve, a handsome goblin king, intense and hot romance. What's not to love?

The Shadowlands are very intriguing and I hope that Husk will expand on them in the next books in this series. The characters are also very interesting and the romance was very satisfying to read.

Ok, I will admit that Eliza frustrated me from time to time by her actions and her misplaced loyalty to someone I'd have kicked to the curb a long time ago, but apart from that this is a wonderfully romantic read with a hero that had me swooning and almost wishing he would come take me away.

Instead I'll be impatiently waiting for the next book in this series and reread The Goblin King often (and rewatch Labyrinth while I'm at it as well ;-)

Why should you read it:
It's a wonderful Paranormal Romance with goblins!

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