Saturday, 10 March 2012

Of Swine and Roses - Book Review

Of Swine and Roses
by Ilona Andrews

ebook, short story

What is it about:
A young adult short story about a girl, a pig, some magic, and the worst date ever.

Chad Thurman is a thug, who carries brass knuckles in both pockets and lays magic traps for intruders into “his” neighborhood. The last thing Alena Kornov wants to do is to go on the date with him. But when her family pressures her, she can’t say no. Now the ice-cream is absent, the pig is running for its life, and we won’t even mention the dead guy…

What did I think of it:
I couldn't resist picking up this story when I saw the title.

And it's a cute and fun read.

Just as in all other books I've read by Andrews the writing is good and the world building is done very well considering the length of this story.

The story itself is a bit predictable, but that didn't reduce my enjoyment. There's action, a bit of romance and most importantly: a pig!

I wouldn't mind if the Andrews duo decided to write more stories in this setting, even if those stories wouldn't include pigs. I will most certainly continue to read stories written by them: next up is Magic Bites.

Why should you read it:
It's got a pig!! ;-)

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M.A.D. said...

*Swine* & Roses! lol
TOO perfect, Sully ...
pigs rock! :)

Melliane said...

Awesome! I didn't know this one at all, but as I really love The ilona Andrews books I'll try to check this one. thanks for the review.

Demented Wench said...

Good cover, great title, and a pig! :)

Sullivan McPig said...

isnt that title just perfect? ;-)