Friday, 6 April 2012

Carpathia - DNF Rant

by Matt Forbeck

What is it about:
It's Titanic meets 30 Days of Night.

When the survivors of the Titanic are picked up by the passenger steamship Carpathia, they thought their problems were over.

But something's sleeping in the darkest recesses of the ship. Something old. Something hungry.

What did I think of it:
Maybe I was expecting too much from this book.

When I first heard about it I was immediately interested.
Come on: Vampires on the Carpathia!
How cool is that?!


I got too annoyed by this book to be able to finish it.

First there was the writing.
It didn't fit the time in which this story is set in my opinion.

Then there were the vampires.
Why were they on the Carpathia anyway? They could move ridiculously fast in their bat form and I wondered why they didn't just fly all night and fly-hop from ship to ship that way. Would have been faster.

Next there was the conversation the vampires were having with a human while drifting in the freezing ocean. Come on! That the vampires could form coherent sentences is one thing, but the human? No way!

And then our heroine came aboard the Carpathia and got a room all to herself.....
Even Madeleine Astor slept on the floor of the library the first day and I am to believe that little miss nobody got her own room!?

At that point I decided this book wasn't for me and I put it aside.

Maybe it gets really cool after that point, with lots of gruesome vampire action, but I do not care. My bloodpressure couldn't stand anymore.

A pity, because the idea of vampires on the Carpathia is a cool one.

Why should you read it:
If you don't over think things, this might be a cool read.

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Jeffe Kennedy said...

Oh, those pesky physical and historical details! Sorry it was a disappointing read..