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Distant Waves - Book review

Distant Waves by Suzanne Weyn

What is it about:
Daughters of a famed clairvoyant, the five Taylor sisters begin the twentieth century desperately searching for a home. Their mother takes them to the small town of Spirit Vale, where she makes a living by talking to the dead. The future, however, is something even she cannot clearly see.

The Taylor sisters are not destined to stay in Spirit Vale for long. Mimi's fate is mingled with that of rich society, and threatened by a secret surrounding her birth. Jane becomes involved in a feat of scientific intrigue that has the potential to alter the course of history--and the course of her greatest love. The twins, Emma and Amelie, appear ready to follow in their mother's footsteps. And the youngest, Blythe, will stop at nothing to make her dreams of wealth and fame come true.

All of the sisters' destinies converge on board the Titanic. A transatlantic voyage that promises great wonders--including a surprise wedding--soon turns into a fight for survival. Not everyone will make it through...for neither love nor sisterhood can escape the threat of death.

Or can they?

What did I think of it:
Even though it takes about 21 chapters before the sisters in this story (with the subtitle A Novel Of The Titanic) finally get on the Titanic I really enjoyed this book.

Most books that use the Titanic either do not use it enough or can't stand on their own, but this is an intriguing story all of its own while also using the Titanic in a way that I could admire.

To be honest: It wasn't the Titanic that stole the show in this book. It was Tesla, the scientific genius who seems to be an influential figure for one of the sisters. I loved how Weyn portrayed Tesla and how she used him and other famous people in this story.

The writing is pleasant and I really liked Jane, the lead character. I did have less patience with some of her sisters, but all in all the whole cast of characters was enjoyable.

There were one or two factual errors that annoyed me (No: The Titan was not on its maiden voyage. Yes: Some people actually did disembark in Queenstown) and which could have been avoided with some research, but as the rest of the story was so enjoyable I was able to keep from grumbling too much.

All in all a compelling read and I will certainly give this book a place on my keeper shelves.

Why should you read it:
It's an intriguing and interesting YA read

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titania86 said...

This sounds amazing! I LOVE Tesla. I feel he is very underappreciated. I will add this to my reading list!