Friday, 13 April 2012

Shadow of the Titanic - Book Review

Shadow of the Titanic
(The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived)
By Andrew Wilson

What is it about:
In the early hous of 15 April 1912, the Atlantic Ocean was alive with the sound of screaming as 1,500 passengers of the once majestic liner Titanic struggled to stay alive in the icy waters.

The echoes of that night reverberated through the lives of each of the 705 survivors, and SHADOW OF THE TITANIC tells their extraordinary story.

Although we think we know the story of the Titanic, little has been written about what happened to the survivors after the tragedy. How did they cope? How did they remember that terrible night? Today, one hundred years after that fateful voyage, this book sheds new light on an enduringly fascinating story, seen through the eyes of those who survived.

What did I think of it:
This is both a fascinating and emotional read.

Just the introduction alone had me crying I will confess.

The chapters after that follow the lives of several survivors, telling not only about the sinking and what came after, but also telling about the lives these people had before the Titanic.

It's amazing and sad to read about how the sinking of the Titanic changed the lives of these survivors (mostly for the worst although some found strength and even love) and how even years later they still can't shake lose from this one monumental moment.

What surprised me is how turbulent the lives of most of these survivors were. As if the sinking of the Titanic is some kind of catalyst that pushes the lives of these people from the mundane into tragedy. And then there are those who would have lived turbulent lives anyway, with or without the Titanic. It's clear with these people that their character and their view on life helped them to survive the sinking.

Although this is not a happy book, it's not all grim. I must say I even had to chuckle at times, especially when reading about the rivalry between the last couple of Titanic survivors.

I will confess I love this book. As emotional as it is, it is a fascinating and interesting read, an almost bizarre view into human behavior, and it will most certainly get a place on my reread shelves.

Why should you read it:
I can advice this book to anyone who's interested in Titanic and/or in human behavior

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Carole said...

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M.A.D. said...

Actually, I've always been a wee bit curious about what happened to the survivors ... was just thinking about the *Unsinkable Molly Brown* only yesterday :)

Sullivan McPig said...

@M.A.D.: there's no chapter about Molly Brown in this book. Probably because she already has her own musical and everything ;-)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

wow, this sounds really emotional! thanks for the review.

also, i tweeted your giveaway link :)!/in_the_hammock/status/191682924775608320