Monday, 25 June 2012

Being Neighborly - Book Review

Being Neighborly (The Neighborhood #2)
by Anita Ensal

ebook, short story

What is it about:
When Little Mams and Junior suspect there’s trouble brewing in the big city, Big Mams, armed with an old iron skillet, comes to investigate.

When their neighbors are disappearing and acting strangely, Junior and Little Mams know it’s time to call in for reinforcements—Big Mams.

Things aren’t usually what they appear to be for anyone from The Neighborhood, and the neighborhood where her daughter and son-in-law are living in the “big city” is harboring something very nasty. But Big Mams didn’t come to visit alone…and she won’t be going home alone, either.

What did I think of it:
Although short this story is fun and well worked out.

I liked how Ensal with just a few words characterized people and set the mood for this short story. The story itself isn't very complicated, but that's not a bad thing, especially for a short story, as a more complicated plot would take away from the characters and the mood.

If I had any complaints it would have been that I finished it much to soon and wanted to know lots more about Big Mams and her family. So I'm hoping Ensal will write more stories in this setting and with these characters.

Why should you read it:
It's a fun and fantastical short story.

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Aurian said...

Is this one of Gini Koch her alter ego's? I would like to read it :) Thanks for the nice review.