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Stalking The Others - Interview with Jess Haines and Giveaway

Today we have one of our favorite authors over for an interview!
Say hello to Jess Haines, author of the awesome H&W Investigations series and don't forget to enter the amazing giveaway Jess is having for a chance to win Stalking the Others.

Jess, welcome back to Pearls Cast Before A McPig! It’s good to have you here.

Thanks for having me back! Always a pleasure to see you again, Sullie and Voodoo Bride!

So, what can people expect from Stalking the Others?

STALKING THE OTHERS is the fourth book in the series, and if you’ve read the last book, you know Shia hasn’t been having an easy time of things. In STO, she sets out to find her ex to make him pay for the hell he put her through. Not to mention come to terms with the possibility that she is going through changes from which there can be no return.

In short, after the events and subsequent betrayal Shia experienced in the last book, she’s done being pushed around. If she’s going down, she’ll take out as many of her enemies as she can—and hope that in the process, she keeps whatever humanity she has left...

How are things going on book 5? Is there a release date for it yet?

Smooth sailing, at the moment. *g* No release date, but chances are good it will be July 2013.

I’m sure you’d like to know a little about it, so I’ll tell you this: Shiarra’s leaving New York and heading to Los Angeles. I can’t say why, but I can tell you she’s going to meet a slew of new Others and I’m sure you’re going to get a kick out of meeting Jimmy Thrane and Clyde Seabreeze. If there are any Devon fans in the audience, you’ll be seeing him again, too!

In our first interview you told me there might be zombies in book 5. Can you tell us anything about the kind of zombies that will be in there?
(They’re still there aren’t they?)

They are absolutely still in there, and they play a major role in the book. These zombies are mindless automatons doing another’s bidding. They are shufflers, not runners, though I have to admit I’ve toyed with the idea of tossing in a few that don’t fit the mold just to spice things up…

Is there a chance there will be more books after book 6?

There is always a chance. I’ve always said I’ve had a story arc plotted out for the H&W Investigations series through nine books, total. While I can’t promise my publisher will provide another contract—that’s out of my hands—I’ve got plans for plenty of other stories in mind to write once this series is put to bed.

Did your life change since Hunted by the Others got published?

Absolutely. There was a period where I wasn’t doing very well. Writing was what got me through it. The whole period between when I was contracted, and when my first and seconds books came out, was surreal. It turned some terrifically awful circumstances around and, in a lot of ways, reminded me that even when times seem darkest, it’s always possible to pull yourself out of it.

What have you liked the most about being a published author?

Meeting so many new people! It’s amazing how many doors opened to me, and how many friends I’ve made from visiting conventions and from getting to know bloggers and readers online. While I haven’t always been a social butterfly, I really like getting to know the people who share my interests, and finding people to chat with who share my obsessions with things like coffee, chocolate, and sexy vampires.

And what have you liked the least?

Having to publicly censor myself. I have a tendency to curse like a sailor and I can be a bit… erm… “opinionated” at times. It’s not always easy to rein that in.

And lastly:
Are there any other projects you’re working on or thinking about starting in the near future?
(a suggestion: a spin-off featuring a dashingly handsome were-boar)

While I can’t say I have any plans to write about a Were-boar in the near future, I’m currently shopping around for a home for a paranormal romance. It’s set in the H&W-verse, but features two characters who haven’t gotten much page time in the series. Since this hasn’t sold yet, I don’t want to say too much more about it, but we’ll see what happens with it. For those familiar with the characters, the story features Mouse, the mute vampiress, and Christoph, the dude in the fetish collar who shows up briefly in DECEIVED and again in STALKING THE OTHERS.

Thanks again so much for having me, Sullivan and Voodoo Bride!

Thanks to you as well.
It's always fun to have you drop by.

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Melliane said...

Love this interview, I'm so happy to know a little more about book 5! thank you so much! I can't wait.

Aurian said...

Great interview, thank you! Why I want to win this book? Because I have read the first three books and am eagerly awaiting this new fourth book. This is afterall a great urban fantasy series, and I want Shia to kick some ass, especially Chaz's.