Thursday, 24 April 2014

On McPig's Radar - Noble Ark

This sounds like it might be a really cool SciFi read. You can bet I'll be reading it once I have the time.

Noble Ark
by Colette Black

Mwalgi pirates, parasitic aliens who consume human spinal fluid, are boarding the Noble Ark.

When Larkin Trovgar, a half-human member of the attacking alien ship, turns on his own people, saving Aline Taylor’s life, she feels duty-bound to watch over the impossible monstrosity. Despite his easy-going charms and virile physique, she’s determined to see him as she would any Mwalgi—nothing better than an animal.

As Larkin’s presence brings out the best and worst in the human crew, and the Noble Ark is harassed by more Mwalgi ships, will Aline look past Larkin's alien heritage to find love, or will mistrust cost her everything?


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