Sunday, 27 April 2014

TBR Orphans - April Update

Time to see how I did with my challenge.
I know April isn't over yet, but I'm not planning to read more Orphaned books this month.

My first try at reading an Orphan was The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse. With a title like that it sounded like it could be a really cool book.

It started out nice enough. I will confess I thought Rankin was trying too hard to write funny, but I was curious enough about the story to endure. Until about halfway in, there was such a lame fat-joke, I decided I had enough, and I tossed the book.

So the first Orphan became a DNF*.
Still I managed to get two Orphans read after that.

The City's Son was a book I got at the World Fantasy Con in November.

Alchemystic is actually a book that I DNFed in 2012, but a comment by the author on my DNF review made me decide to eventually give the book a second chance. Which it got this month, and this time I read it all the way through.

I will review these two books soon.

All in all that means I read two and a half books that had been on my shelves for over 3 months.
I'm doing well.


*DNF = Did Not Finish


Blodeuedd said...

*coughs* I FAIL. I have accepted more review books than ever

Aurian said...

I am not doing well with my own challenges this month either, not sure if I will get it done in these last few days of the month.
I am sorry the chocolate bunnies was not good enough, but I sure get why you didn't want to continue.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Blodeuedd: I know that problem. There are just too many tempting books.
@Aurian: good luck.
And yeah... I can't stand cheap jokes, so that one joke was a deal breaker for me.