Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Binding the Shadows - Book Review

Binding the Shadows (Arcadia Bell #3)
by Jenn Bennett

What is it about:
Renegade mage and bartender Arcadia Bell has had a rough year, but now the door to her already unstable world is unhinging. When a citywide crime wave erupts, Cady's demon-friendly tiki bar is robbed by Earthbounds wielding surreal demonic abilities that just flat-out shouldn't exist.

With the help of her devilishly delicious boyfriend, Lon Butler, Cady sets out to find the people who wronged her—but her targets aren't the only ones experiencing unnatural metamorphoses.

Can Cady track down the monsters responsible before the monster inside her destroys everything—and everyone—she loves? If she survives this adventure, one thing is certain: it's last call for life as she knows it.

What did I think of it:
I'm very much enjoying this series.

It's fun, has cool characters, and there's lots of action.

The story felt a bit wobbly at times, sliding in several directions, but things fell in place eventually. And the action and character interaction was enough fun, that I didn't mind the wobbles I will confess.

Cady's powers are growing and changing, and the things that happen in this book make me very curious what will happen next with Cady. It looks like things might go seriously wrong if Cady isn't careful. I also got the feeling Jupe, Lon's son, will have a few surprises for everyone.

All in all this is a very enjoyable and entertaining read, and I will pick up the last book in this series soon.

Why should you read it:
It's a fun and action-packed UF read.

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Demented Wench said...

I'm reading Jenn Bennett's "Bitter Spirits", the 1st book in the Roaring Twenties series. The series is different from the Arcadia Bell series, but you might enjoy it too.

Sullivan McPig said...

Good to know. I have it somewhere in my tbr pile.

Aurian said...

Yeah, glad you are still enjoying the series :)