Friday, 5 May 2017

Wytchcraft - Book Review

Wytchcraft (Matilda Kavanagh #1)
by Shauna Granger

What is it about:
Matilda Kavanagh – Witch For Hire. No spell, charm, or potion too difficult.

Supernaturals are out of the closet, living alongside humans in a tenuous relationship. Most are just trying to live life like nothing’s changed, others would use magic for their own gain.

When Mattie creates a charm to help a half-troll catch a fairy, she sets herself up for the worst possible thing: she is now in debt to the fairy court. If she can’t find the fae prince and bring him home alive, it’ll be her head on the chopping block.

What did I think of it:
I love Granger's Ash & Ruin series, so I wanted to try out her other series as well. I really liked the first book in her Elemental series and have the rest of that series in my TBR pile. But of course instead of reading those, I picked up the first book in yet another one of her series.

And this is a very enjoyable read.

Mattie is a fun heroine, and I really liked the worldbuilding as well. Mattie managed to get herself in trouble and when she's not quick enough to agree to a deal her ex-lover is used as leverage.

I think here we have the one point in the story that didn't work for me. I wanted more connection with the ex-lover than just some flashbacks. I wasn't invested in their history together and he sounded like more trouble than he was worth. It's a good thing that Mattie's own life was in danger as well, otherwise I'd have called her a fool to go through all the trouble.

Luckily that was the one thing I didn't much like, otherwise this was a fun and action-packed story. I was hooked from the start and loved Granger's take on all the mythological creatures. There were also some cool side characters I hope to see again in future books.

All in all a cool read that makes me curious what trouble will find Mattie next. I will get my trotters on the next book for sure.

Why should you read it:
It's a very enjoyable Urban Fantasy read.

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