Friday, 16 June 2017

Past Malice - Book Review

Past Malice (Emma Fielding Mystery #3)
by Dana Cameron

What is it about:
What bones are buried in the shadows of the past?

Asked to join a dig at the site of the eighteenth-century Chandler House, archaeologist Emma Fielding and her student crew have descended upon Stone Harbor, Massachusetts. But certain residents of the tiny coastal community are none too happy about Emma's arrival -- especially when her excavation uncovers a pair of freshly slain corpses.

There are dark forces at play in this dangerously divided town, where a distrust of strangers wars with a desire for tourist dollars. And when a young local's life is snuffed out, Emma is determined to get to the twisted roots of the strange secrets buried in this killing ground. But a mystery that lies among the tumbled ruins of a once grand manor could change Stone Harbor forever. And for some murderous someone, one more death -- Emma's -- would be a small price to pay to keep it hidden.

What did I think of it:
This is yet another great read.

I really like how Cameron builds up the mystery in these books, letting you guess at what could be going on. The characters are interesting and intriguing, even those not involved in the mystery.

Emma can't help getting involved in the murders and gets herself in danger. I love how the people close to her (like her husband) react to her adventures. It makes everything feel even more real.

In this book Emma has her sister over for a visit, and I suffered along with Emma over Bucky's behavior. I would have send her packing for less than what she says and does to Emma, I can tell you.

This book also has a quote that I LOVE and have to share:
"I was still surprised that people only wanted money for books. Not body parts or firstborns or souls. Just money. It always seemed like a steal to me."
(page 222)

All in all this is a really wonderful read and I can advice it to anyone looking for a good murder mystery. You bet I'll continue reading this series.

Why should you read it:
It's a really great murder mystery.

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