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Pleasure and Purpose - Book Review by Voodoo Bride

Pleasure and Purpose (Order of Solace #1)
by Megan Hart

What is it about:
The handmaidens of the Order of Solace are each named for the exquisite service that best reflects their true calling. Their greatest delight is giving pleasure devoted as they are to fulfilling the desires of the mind, the needs of the soul, and the cravings of the body.

Meet Stillness, called upon to soothe the conscience of a man in need of redemption after a shocking act from his sexual past.
Then there's Honesty, whose vow of Solace is to a prince looking for a submissive handmaiden. Instead, he gets the unexpected.
And finally, Determination, a handmaiden confronted with a client lost in a haze of random sex and drugs. She has just the plan to literally whip her man into shape.

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
*slightly spoilery*
This is a hot read.

It's called Erotic Romance, but unless you think it's romantic that the hero gets drunk, shares the heroine with his best friend and doesn't remember it the next day, prepare to be disappointed by the romance. This is all about women helping men to get out of their funk in creative and seductive ways.

I myself started this book not looking for romance, but expecting to get three steamy erotic novellas and in that I got what I wanted. Even with the aforementioned 'romantic' scene, the first novella was my favorite.

The women in these stories are part of an order that tries to bring solace to people. From what the handmaidens tell the men I understand it's to both men and women and involves sex a lot of the times. So my main question was: where are the brothers of Solace? Apparently only women can bring solace though.

That aside: if you want some hot erotic stories about how these handmaidens bring solace, and like the men they work with enough to give you a semi happy end you should certainly give this book a try.

I myself might read more by Hart if I'm in the mood for some steam.

Why should you read it:
It's a fun steamy read.

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