Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sanctuary- Red Rock Pass #1&2 - Book Review by Voodoo Bride part 1

Sanctuary- Red Rock Pass #1&2 by Moira Rogers

Today Voodoo Bride will be reviewing the first story in this book:
Cry Sanctuary

What is it about:
Keith Winston has come home to Montana to find peace. Instead, the veteran warrior finds himself fighting pressure to become the alpha's right hand. His attraction to a new wolf on the run sucks him into yet another battle between his instincts and his heart.

Abigail Adler knew nothing about werewolves--until she became one. Red Rock is her only refuge, but she chafes under its rigid rules. Except when it comes to submitting to the passion Keith stirs in her body. With her sister in danger, though, they will both have to risk breaking all the rules.

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:

Action, romance and a smoking hot werewolf! This is how I like my Paranormal Romances.

The Moira Rogers duo manage to create a believable and interesting setting even while the romance storyline is dominant. Talking about dominant: I really liked that both Abigail and Keith are dominant werewolves as it gave the romance and action a bit more bite to it. Too often in werewolf stories the author decides to give the hot, sexy dominant male a nice little mate who needs to be protected by a big strong man, so it was refreshing to see a dominant female werewolf and the problems she encounters because of that. I can advice anyone who loves a shifter/werewolf romance to pick up this series. I know I'll be reading the rest of this series anyway!

Why should you read it:
Hot, sexy werewolf!

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Nina said...

Nice! I have heard lots of positive things about the writing of Moira Rogers, so I probably will look a book of her up. ;) This sounds really nice. Like werewolves stories.