Monday, 7 October 2013

Rogue's Possession - Release Day Alert + Giveaway

Today is the release day of Rogue's Possession, book 2 in the Covenant of Thorns series.

We loved Rogue's Pawn, the first book in the series and were lucky to read Rogue's Possession early and loved it even more than the first book.

Really: it's so good! Just read the cover story below:

Rogue's Possession (Covenant of Thorns #2)
by Jeffe Kennedy

A human trapped in the world of Faerie, in possession of magic I could not control, I made a bargain for my life: to let the dangerously sensual fae noble known as Rogue sire my firstborn. And one does not break an oath with a fae. But no matter how greatly I desire him, I will not succumb. Not until I know what will happen to the child.

Though unable—or unwilling—to reveal the fate of human-fae offspring himself, Rogue accompanies me on my quest for answers. Along the way he agrees to teach me to harness my power, in exchange for a single kiss each day and sleeping by my side each night. Just as I am about to yield to temptation, I find myself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with an insane goddess. Now my search for the truth will lead me to the darkest of all Faerie secrets.


Normally I would do a review to tempt you further into reading this awesome book, but because I was a Beta reader of Rogue's Possession and I'm not sure on the protocols of reviewing a book that you were a Beta reader for I have something else for you today:

A giveaway!

Jeffe was kind enough to provide the prize in this giveaway and it's a great one!

- To be entered for a chance to win a digital copy of either Rogue's Pawn or Rogue's Possession just leave a comment and a way to contact you.

Want a chance to get extra entries and win both books?

This is what you can do:

for 2 extra entries and a chance to win a digital copy of both Rogue's Pawn and Rogue's Possession:

- Post the following message on facebook, twitter or somewhere else together with the above picture or the cover and leave the link in the comments:

Releasing 10/7: Rogue's Possession by @jeffekennedy Find out more here:

If anyone is creative enough to make their own Rogue's Possession picture to go along with the message I will even award 3 extra entries!

So go spread the news, enter the giveaway and maybe Rogue wil become your possession!

The winner is Mary!

Buy Rogue's Possession here


Maia said...

I'm on the fence with this one. The premise sounds promising. But its a first person narration. I got some KMM-Fever series vibes, which is good because I loved that series.
I read some reviews and it all sounds very interesting.
So I would love to win the first book, and make my mind up.

erin said...

This sounds fantastic :) Thanks for sharing and congrats to Jeffe on the new release!

Mary Preston said...

Interesting point about why there is no review.

Loving the zombie!!

I need to start at the beginning with this one.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Thank you all!

JenM said...

I would love to give this a try. I'm always up for books about Faerie. I'd want to start with the first book though.