Tuesday 30 December 2014

The Top Pearls of 2014

And after yesterday's spotlight of one of my Top Pearls authors of 2014 it is now time for my Top Pearls List of 2014!

This year I will first highlight 5 authors who so impressed me with their writing, they ended up on the list with multiple titles. Then I will name some individual books that I loved reading this year as well.

I was late to the party and only started reading Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series this year. It was the prequel trilogy The Infernal Devices I fell in love with though.

I loved Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci so much, I also tried Boy Proof and Queen of Cool. Those were even better! I will most certainly get my trotters on her other books as well.

Voodoo Bride and I were already fans of Jeffe Kennedy, but this year brought 4 amazing reads, and we were even lucky enough to read an ARC of an upcoming book as well: The Mark of the Tala, The Tears of the Rose, Going Under, Rogue's Paradise and Under His Touch

I devoured the first two books in Shauna Granger's Ash and Ruin trilogy, and I'm eagerly awaiting the last book.

The covers of Shawntelle Madison's Coveted series didn't do much for me, but this fun series showed me that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

I was afraid The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addings would be a bit too dry for my tastes, but it turned out to be a wonderful Fantasy read.

Deadland's Harvest by Rachel Aukes was even cooler than the first book in the Deadland trilogy. I'm eagerly awaiting the last book.

Jess Haines continues to blow me away with her books. Enslaved by the Others is awesome and intense.

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson is a delightfully creepy and awesome read.

The Katherine "Kitty" Katt series by Gini Koch is still going strong. Universal Alien is the latest addition to this fun series.

It was the cover that made me notice the book, but The Fearless by Emma Pass is an awesome read! I already ordered Pass' other book Acid, because I want more.

And that's my Top Pearls List for 2014.
Let me know what your favorite reads of 2014 were.

And don't forget to enter yesterday's giveaway for one of Jeffe Kennedy's The Twelve Kingdoms books.


Melliane said...

Oh great list event if I haven't read all of them! I need to try the ones I don't know about!

miki said...

i havne't read any ofthose but i do own a few ( like infernal device book3 ^^;; ( yes starting by teh end) andone by shantelle that i need to read, jess haines is on programm soon and gini koch as soon as i get my hand on it and get up to date in my reading

Aurian said...

Great list Sullivan! The only one I have read is Gini Koch, though I do have the Cassandra Clare books, and even a Jeffe Kennedy book ...