Wednesday 14 September 2022

The Last Wolf - Book Review by Voodoo Bride


The Last Wolf (The Legend of All Wolves #1)
by Maria Vale

What is it about:
For three days out of thirty, when the moon is full and her law is iron, the Great North Pack must be wild.

If she returns to her Pack, the stranger will die.
But if she stays...

Silver Nilsdottir is at the bottom of her Pack's social order, with little chance for a decent mate and a better life. Until the day a stranger stumbles into their territory, wounded and beaten, and Silver decides to risk everything on Tiberius Leveraux. But Tiberius isn't all he seems, and in the fragile balance of the Pack and wild, he may tip the destiny of all wolves...

What did Voodoo Bride think of it:
I picked this book up because Jeffe met the author on a convention and said I might like her books. It turned out I had the book lingering in my kindle app, so decided to finally give it a try.

And this was a surprising read.

I've read a lot of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy books that feature werewolves, and most of the times there are a few differences between how they're depicted, but they're more similar than different from each other.

The werewolves in this book were very different in how they lived their life and how they treated each other though. Some of their ways seemed rather harsh and animalistic. I wasn't sure I really liked them at times.

That made that I rooted for Silver all the more though. I wanted her to be happy. Tiberius might be hiding stuff from her, but the way he acted towards her compared to her pack made that I fell in love with him and was willing to forgive him for keeping secrets (maybe a bit too lenient of me though).

As the book progressed I got more used to the way the werewolves lived and I was very much invested in Silver and Tiberius. Next to their romance there's lots of other things going on, and I wanted to know how this would all end.

As the last book in the series had just released when I read this, all other books in the series were on sale, so you bet I got my hands on those, and that I asked Jeffe to get me signed copy of book 2 before she left the convention.

Why should you read it:
It's a really cool Paranormal Romance

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