Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I got two awards that I want to share here:

Well, this one speaks for itself. I got it from vvB32.
And to follow her example I'm giving this award to all my followers. You guys/girls are great and you make blogging even more fun.
And thanks vvB32 for this award!

This Award I got from Jen G. from The Introverted Reader. Thanks Jen G.
Along with posting this award I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself.

Here goes:
1 - I love watching scary movies
2 - I have four brothers. One of them is my twin brother
3 - Although I have family in Canada and the US I've never been outside of the Netherlands
4 - Zombies are my favourite kind of monster (Bet you didnt know that :-P )
5 - My favourite movie is Black Sheep
6 - I love chinese food
7 - I'm always having difficulty finding a last interesting thing when making lists like this

And I'm giving this award to anyone of my followers who feels creative.

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