Friday, 24 December 2010

Just One Sip - Book Review

Just One Sip by Jennifer Ashley, Katie MacAlister and Minda Webber

What is it about:
Three romance novellas take a different look at vampire heroes.

"Viva Las Vampires" by Jennifer Ashley, features a gorgeous, sun-bronzed Viking vampire who owns a vampire-themed hotel and casino in Las Vegas and sees his one true love striding through the lobby hot to interview him for her new book on vampire culture. In this world, there are warm vamps who are immortal and cold vamps who are undead.

Katie MacAlister's "Bring Out Your Dead" is about Ysabelle, a counselor to newly made zombies, who meets Sebastian, a vampire who falls madly in love with her and must protect her from a demon.

In Minda Webber's "Lucy and the Crypt Casanova" the host of a cheesy talk show who frequently gets into trouble because of her paranormal guests finds that the police detective investigating the same incubus case as she is the long-lost vampire love of her life.

What did I think of it:
I bought this book for the Katie Macalister story "Bring Out Your Dead" and that story is fun like all her Dark One stories and has a very cool zombie named William. I do think it's not a very good standalone novella though. You need to have read at least book two and three of her Dark Ones series to grasp all of this story.

Take note: "Bring Out Your Dead" has also been printed in another anthology called "My Zombie Valentine".

On to the other two stories:

"Viva Las Vampires" is quite an entertaining story. The action storyline is paper thin and it focuses more on some steamy romance and smut, but is quite enjoyable at that.

"Lucy and the Crypt Casanova" wasn't my kind of story. I do not like the 'old lovers who broke up meet again, fight and kiss and make up' kind of plots, so I didn't much like this novella.

Why should you read it:
A nice read for any Vampire Romance fan.

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