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Stalking The Others Blog Tour - The H&W Gang Discuss Zombies

Today we have a very special guest post!
Shiarra from The H&W Investigations series is here to discuss my favorite topic!

So say hello to Shiarra and the gang and to their creator Jess Haines:


Guest Post Stop 19: The H&W Gang Discuss Zombies
By Jess Haines
Hello there!  Jess Haines here.  I’m the author of the urban fantasy H&W Investigations series (HUNTED BY THE OTHERS, TAKEN BY THE OTHERS, DECEIVED BY THE OTHERS, and STALKING THE OTHERS). 
Shiarra has been having a pretty bad time of things lately. She’s here with some of her friends (and otherwise) to tell you about it. In honor of my host’s love of all things zombie, that’s what the gang is going to discuss—even though Shia hasn’t encountered any in the books just yet. Over to you, Shia!

Shiarra: Um… what? Why are we talking about zombies? It’s not like I know anything about them.

Chaz: I get the feeling that’s going to change.

Arnold: Are we sure there are going to be zombies? ‘Cause that’s really bad news.

Royce: Where there are zombies, there is a necromancer. If there is a necromancer in my territory, I want to know about it now so that I can dispose of it properly.

Arnold: Hold your horses, dead man. That’s The Circle’s purview, not yours.

Royce: My city. My territory. My rules.

Shiarra: Somebody is grumpy tonight.

Royce: Consider my condition, Ms. Waynest. What do necromancers do?

Shiarra: I dunno. I thought they were a type of mage.

Arnold: I don’t want to be classified with necros.

Sara: No one said you were, dear.

Shiarra: Wait, don’t they do magic, too? What’s the difference?

Arnold: Necros deal with the dead. They use the energy from living things to animate dead flesh. That usually means sacrifices, blood, guts, and other unpleasant things.

Chaz: They smell funny, too.

Everyone Else: …

Chaz: What? They do.

Shiarra: I’m afraid to ask, but how do you know that?

Chaz: Ran across one, once. He was pretty strange. Smelled like formaldehyde and blood. Thought he was a vamp until I realized he had a pulse.

Royce: I take exception to that.

Chaz: Like I care.

Arnold: I’m not surprised the vamp doesn’t like them. Most of us don’t. They give magery a bad name.

Sara: No one here thinks any less of you.

Arnold: Maybe not now, but if anyone knew there were necromancers actively practicing in the U.S., all of the magi would be in trouble. All of those bad movies you see with magic and devil worship? Summoning ghosts and demons and zombies? That’s the sort of stuff necros are into.

Shiarra: Lovely. What makes you—regular magi—different, then?

Royce: Regular magi don’t have the power or know-how to control the dead.

Arnold: Or the undead.

Royce: Precisely. And it better stay that way.

Sara: You leave my boyfriend alone! He hasn’t done anything to you.

Shiarra: I’m sure Arnold can take care of himself.

Arnold: I can, but I’m not really interested in going toe-to-toe with a vampire as old and powerful as he is. Aside from that, I’m not walking down the dark path anytime soon. Even if they do have cookies.

Chaz: Vampires aren’t so tough.

Royce: You’d best pray I never get the urge to prove you wrong, dog.

Chaz: Just try me, leech.

Shiarra: For God’s sake, will you two knock it off? We’re right at the tail end of this blog tour thing, I don’t want to scare everyone away!

Sara: Others. You can’t take them anywhere.

Arnold: I behaved myself.

Sara: Yeah, but you don’t have a vampire or a werewolf’s bad temper.

Shiarra: What about zombies? Are they like in the movies? All “braaaaains” and bite-y and stuff?

Royce: Somewhat. They are automatons driven to follow the directions of their maker. They have no sense of self, as a vampire does, and no drive for survival.

Arnold: Except to feed if their maker is destroyed. They can keep going for a while without direction, but after a short time they start acting like zombies in the movies. When their maker stops feeding them energy from his blood spells, they start looking for it elsewhere.

Shiarra: That is super creepy.

Sara: I’m afraid to ask how you found all that out.

Arnold: All magi have to study up on our potential enemies, and all forms of magic—including the types we don’t use.

Chaz: So you can counter it?

Arnold: Exactly.

Chaz: Sounds boring. I’d like to see them try to cast something with their throat ripped out.

Arnold: That might work with a regular mage, but I wouldn’t try it on a necromancer.

Royce: Indeed. Considering their occupation, they might not stay dead. They are best avoided altogether.

Shiarra: Great. I’ll keep that in mind. Just like I do with all the other kinds of Others, for all the good it’s done me.

Sara: For someone who seems to hate them so much, you sure seem to do a good job of surrounding yourself by them.

Shiarra: Gee, thanks.

You can learn more about Shiarra and the rest of her friends in HUNTED BY THE OTHERS (link: And keep an eye out for some creepy-crawlies to make an appearance in the next book, FORSAKEN BY THE OTHERS…  

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Denise Z said...

What a wonderful interview! Thank you all you guys for taking the time and effort to share with us today and Shiarra, better keep an eye out for those zombies ;) they can be pretty sneaky!

sienny said...

Zombies are bad news.. Better stay away from them

Sharon Stogner said...

what a fun interview. Her characters are a riot when they get together! thanks for hosting :)

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Aurian said...

I really, really hope there will be no zombies!
Thanks for the great guestpost/interview, I enjoyed it as I did so many of them!