Sunday, 31 August 2014

TBR Orphans Challenge - August Update

Another month is almost over, so it's time to see how Voodoo Bride and I did on our self-imposed challenge.

We read three books that had been on our shelves for more than three months!

I read:
Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep, which has been on our shelves since January this year.
A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris, which became orphaned at the start of August.

Voodoo Bride read:
Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy, which also turned into an orphan early August.

So that's a total of fourteen orphans read this year, which means we made our target of reading twelve orphaned books this year. We'll still be trying to read at least one TBR Orphan each month for the rest of this year though.

How about you?
Did you make your reading targets for August?

1 comment:

Blodeuedd said...

I never thought I would, but I have managed 12, and I will read more of my poor orphans