Monday, 21 May 2018

Under My Skin - Book Review

Under My Skin (Immortality Strain #1)
by Shawntelle Madison

What is it about:
Everyone wants to either be a member of the Guild or work for them. Little does the populace know that the Guild hides sinister secrets...

For Tate Sullivan, life in her small, coastal town is far from glamorous. The affluent lives of the Guild members and their servants isn't something she has ever wanted. But all sixteen year-olds must take a simple test, and Tate's result thrusts her into the Guild's world, one where they hide horrible plans for those they select. Tate must fight the relentless General Dagon for control of her mind, body, and soul to keep the one precious thing she has always taken for granted: herself.

Her only ally is the same handsome boy she is pitted against in General Dagon’s deadly game. Quinn desires nothing more than to end the life of General Dagon who has taken over Tate's mind. While romance blooms between Tate and Quinn, General Dagon plots to eventually take over Tate's body, and love might end before it even begins.

What did I think of it:
I loved the Coveted series by Madison, so was curious if this book would be just as fun.

Although it turned out this book isn't fun in the way Coveted was, it did turn out to be a cool read.

The future world that Madison created wasn't expanded on much, it even felt a bit old fashioned, but that didn't lessen my enjoyment. I liked Tate and was soon engrossed in the story. There were some story-hooks that I think weren't used to their full potential, but the story I did get was intriguing and suspenseful enough to keep me from grumbling.

Tate's struggle with General Dagon could have been taken a bit further as well in my opinion. At times things felt a bit too easy. Those things aside I had a great time with this book though, and near the end things do get a bit more dire.

The ending is satisfactory while also hinting at much more to come. I fear that there won't be a second book though, seeing how this one was released in 2014, but I can hope.

Why should you read it:
It's a very enjoyable YA red.

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